beauty - 11:43 AM

What to See in the Life and Style Night Bazaar

As a bazaar fanatic, I always see to it I visit bazaars near my place- Trendsetter Bazaar and Manila Sundance Bazaar is my all time fav...

Fashion - 10:38 PM

How to Wear your Denim?

You might say that Denim is a bit of an “old school” type of fashion but not for me! This is my “go to” wear whenever I am feeling lazy to...

beauty - 10:17 PM

Hey Sugar: The Sweetest Thing, made sweeter!

Just like what I've mention on my last post, I am a frequent customer of Hey Sugar Waxing Salon for my eyebrow "harvesting"...

beauty - 10:09 PM

Waxing Subic! Hey Sugar Waxing Salon: Now Open in Ayala Harbor Point Subic

I just want to share to you guys how happy I am that my favorite waxing salon (eyebrow) is now opening their Subic Branch at Harbor Pointe! ...

beauty - 9:57 PM

Nailaholics Now Open in SM Fairview!

Summer break has finally come to us! (Team August here!) I can now relax and have my "pampering time". I have been a fan of havin...

beauty - 10:30 AM

1-2 Combo for Oily Skin!

Here’s a “semi-part two” of my previous Beauty post! Check it out!



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