beauty - 9:12 AM

Tried a Gel Manicure and it is so Worth its Price!

photo not mine, grabbed from google. :) CTTO So just a week ago, I did some mini pampering for myself because classes will soon start a...

beauty - 10:44 AM

Vivere Salon Glorietta Hair Styling Performed by Senior Hairstylist, Sir Alben

I never thought that I will be able to achieve my dream hair color this perfect through Vivere Salon!

beauty - 10:38 AM

[VLOG] Bestfriend Does Make Up Tutorial [Tagalog]

We are going to feature items from different brands in this Vlog. 

food - 7:03 PM

Unlimited Zooshi at Misono Restaurant

You guys know how I am in love with UNLIMITED FOOD right? You might think its too much but who doesn't like unli food? No one!

Personal - 11:50 PM

The Sunday Currently | 03

You might notice that I haven’t been posting a lot (here in the blog) since… last week? I’ve been busy with some things and I will be shar...

Press Release - 9:27 AM

Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa brings you to London

I am so excited with this news! Imagine yourself in London... FOR FREE! What am I talking about? Check this!



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