2017 To Do List

Hey guys! This post is all bout the things that I want to achieve before the year ends.
Obviously, majority of the people I know make bucketlist at the start of the year. I've never had a chance to make one before but since its 2017, I have to do it. This is the year when I get to become a "non-teenage" age. Yes. I am turning 20 this year.
So here's my list!
  1. Healthier lifestyle
    1. Weight gain program
    2. Gym exercise
    3. Muay Thai training
  2. Better Time management
  3. Visit Davao City
  4. Go to vigan
  5. Learn a foreign language
    1. I want to learn how to speak Korean though. I know how to write in Hangul already!
  7. Better grades in school
  8. Update blog every month. (must!!!!)
  9. Watch a concert
  10. Play volleyball again. I just miss playing my love.

How about you? Have something that you want to do this year? What are those? Comment them down! :)