A Dose of Michelle Dy

Michelle tells us more about her and her experiences in vlogging. Get to know more about the ever famous Filipina Youtube Vlogger and makeup guru, Michelle Dy!
Hey guys! So I am back with another interview post and this time, I am interviewing the very famous and ever loved "Mamshie" of almost all Filipinas, Michelle Dy.
As you all know, aside from watching Korean Dramas online, I am also fond of watching vlogs through YouTube. I am a fan of Janina Vela, Will Dasovich and Lloyd Cadena- famous lifestyle and comedy vloggers in the Philippines.
If you were able to watch my vlogs already, you would know that I am not that fond of wearing make up. I never learned how to apply makeup until I was 19, my current age. Yes. But then I realised that I have to learn how to do it because it can be a necessity for a lady like me.
I asked my friends if they know vloggers who do makeup tutorials on youtube. However, they always give me foreign vloggers. As much as I would want to learn from them, my goal is to learn from a Filipina. Why? Because I have this thinking na if I learn from a Filipina it would be easier for me to: 1. Find makeup products that is easy to get in the Philippines and 2. Apply makeup that would suit a Filipina skin (morena skin to be exact).
Until ate Cath (check her book review blog. She has the best review blog! To All the Books I've Read Before) suggested this name: Michelle Dy.
From that very moment, I fell in love with her... Mamshie Michelle Dy.
Anyways a month ago I decided to send her an email asking if I could interview her and she replied with a YES!!!! Here's my interview with her!
Facebook: ilovemichelledy
Youtube: Michelle Dy
Twitter: michelle_dy
Instagram: michelledyy


What are your ways in maintaining your figure? 50% Balanced Diet , 30% Active lifestyle and 20% Workout


Favorite Brand of makeup:  in my nature of work, it’s hard to have a favourite
Makeup must haves: Lip and cheer kit and eyelash curlers and sunglasses

Your go to makeup look:
 Simple everyday eyebrows, curled lashes and lips and cheek with tint, ganging pulbo at lip tint lang lol.
Favorite makeup blogger/vlogger: i always say this on twitter whenever they ask me and my only answer is ME. :))
Usual budget for makeup shopping?:  I don’t even buy make up anymore but okay…. 5k.


What’s your fashion style?: laid back. anything loose and anything that doesn’t require bra cause i hate wearing bra.
Fashion Icon?: Instagram style. :))
Go to Fashion: pekpek shorts, button down top and slippers.
Favourite shopping destinations: kaka open lang ng H&M sa province namin so choosy pa ba ako?
Favourite brands of clothes: usual retail brands like H&M , Zara and F21
Favourite brands of shoes: i don’t have a favourite. anything stylish
Usual budget for clothes shopping: i always go over budget. 10-15k


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pMJtgN4WbI&w=560&h=315]
When did you start blogging?: 5 years ago
Why did you start one?: To make tutorials for girls who can’t relate to foreign youtube gurus.
Who/what were your inspiration in starting a vlog?: When I started, it was Michelle Phan, she was the only youtuber I knew back then.
15284063_1299297030117273_5269920370633016648_nAdvantages and disadvantage of vlogging:
  • Advantages: its a good avenue to exercise your creativity, so much perks, lovable fans.
  • Disadvantages:  sleepless nights.

Do’s and donts in vlogging:
  • Do: be unique and start your own style, be yourself
  • Don’t:  blend with everyone else, fake it cause it will show.
How were you able to make your vlog this successful?: I embraced the mass.
How do you deal with haters/criticisms?: I smile at first cause it’s flattering and then ignore.
If there is one thing you wished you have corrected when you were starting your vlog, what is it and why?: none, everything was part of my growth.
Wrap up:
Advice to aspiring vloggers out there?: Be sensitive of what your viewers want and if you want to start a channel, start NOW.
If you could be a super hero, who would you be and why?: Super Misyel “pagagandahin ka na, patatawin ka pa” LOLZ okay ang korni
One word to describe your life right now: I can’t believe I am answering this question at this point in my life. I am here in London, its 7am, about to have breakfast, another day filled with activities and sigh seeing around the city, tonight I’ll be watching and vlogging X Factor Live. Oh gosh, life couldn’t get any better than this.
I would like to say thank you to Michelle for actually agreeing to have this interview with me. You guys go check her YouTube channel kasi she's really the best in her field. Not only can she provide the best makeup tutorial, she can also provide quality entertainment for you because her vlogs are very very entertaining!

P.S. Noticed anything new sa logo ko? hihi! I would like to say thank you to my very good friend ERICKA MONTEJO for making a great logo for me!

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