A Guide to Vern Enciso

Vern Enciso, the other half of V&V, blogger, model, and an established social media influencer talks about lifestyle, fashion, travels and blogging tips for us to learn from plus a fact that I myself didn't know until this interview.

I was given a chance to do an interview with the ever gorgeous Vern Enciso. I thank her for being such a humble, kind and approachable angel for allowing me to ask her a lot of questions. I really took that opportunity to ask all the questions I have in mind! This is a one time opportunity for me! :) 

Name: Vern Enciso
Age: 23
College: - DLSU 

Instagram: @vernenciso

 Website: V❤️V


Travelling, reading and trying new things. 

Full time blogger. 

Something interesting about yourself
I have a very very good memory. 

spicy food, exploring new places and writing. 

obnoxious and rude people, uncomfortable long haul flights and the sun. 

Music Taste?
It's very diverse, actually. Just not heavy metal, EDM and country music. 

It's for me to know and you.... 

Are you an Introvert? Extrovert? Ambivert?:
I can't say it's very balanced but I'm more of an ambivert. I used to be such an extrovert then working behind a computer for so long made me develop introvert qualities. 

Favorite food: 
Japanese and thai will always be my comfort food but I always love coming home to our cook's cooking :) 

Favorite restaurant: 
Wow, this is hard.. but right now I always crave for Wok'd in Cebu. 

Ways to maintain your figure?: 
I need advice on this, too! Please let me know if you have any ideas :) 

Skin care tips/routines: 
Always remove your make up before going to bed and I've recently just learned the importance of sunblock and eye cream. 


Places you’ve travelled on: 
Sydney, Australia. Gold Coast, Australia. Siem Reap, Cambodia. Paris, France. Hong Kong. Iceland. Bandung, Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. Bali, Indonesia. Kyoto, Japan. Tokyo, Japan. Osaka, Japan. Seoul, Korea, Jeju Island, Korea. Macau. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Edinburgh, Scotland. Singapore. Taipei, Taiwan. Bangkok, Thailand. Phuket, Thailand. London, United Kingdom. New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Favorite among those places: 
London will always have a special place in my heart but I'll always remember Iceland. 

Travel Budget: 
Depends! :P 

Why do you travel? What benefits do you get from travelling?
Its cliche but I learned so much about myself and what I value when I started traveling. I also learned to appreciate what I have more at home and it's so ironic because I travel to explore. Also, who doesn't want to see the beauty of the world? 

Most memorable/funny experience from your travels: 
The Northern Lights will always be memorable. 


What’s your fashion style? (are you into pastels? Conservative?) 
Depends actually but i've always liked classic pieces. 

Fit or loose? 
Loose, please! haha! 

Heels, sneakers or flats?: 
Depends on the day. 

Fashion Icons: 
Olivia Palermo and Kate Middleton.  

Favourite shopping destinations
Seoul, Korea. 

Favourite brands of clothes: 
I dream of having a closet full of designer brands but for now, I like Zara and shopping from night markets abroad. 

Favourite brands of shoes: 

Makeup must haves: 
Sunblock, concealer, eyebrow pencil and contour powder. 

Usual budget for shopping: 
Depends on how much I earned that month. 


What age did you start blogging?:

Why did you start to make one?: 
I wanted to make time pass faster so I made a blog! 

Was there something that made you hesitant to start a blog?: 
nope, it started as a hobby and I wanted it to be diary so I had none of that. 

Who or what was/were you inspiration in starting a blog?: 
Gary Pepper Vintage and Late Afternoon :) 

What do you usually blog about? 
Style, Life and Beauty. 
 Advantages and disadvantages of blogging?: 
Haters will always be a disadvantage but my sweet readers always trump that!

Do’s and Don’ts in blogging:
Always be yourself and always write from the heart. 

How were you able to make your blog this successful?: 
It's successful? I'll let you know when it is already :) IF that time comes. I hope it does! 

How were you able to handle blogging as well as studies/work?:  
Time management and I had a great support system :) 

Do you have any experiences/ encounters with “haters”? What did you do?: 
Just ignore them or if I'm bored, I reply funny comments. lol 

How do you deal with criticisms?: 
Shrug it off or if I feel it's constructive, I just use it as a motivation to be better. 

If there is one thing you wished you have corrected when you were starting your blog, what is it and why?:
Nothing because it gave me the best years of my life :) 

Wrap up:

What can you say to those aspiring bloggers out there?: 
Just start a blog, please! Not excuses. 

What biggest lesson did you learn from all of the things that you’ve done right now?: 
Being nice will bring you to places. 

If you could be someone right now apart from yourself, who would you be and why?: 
Can I please be Mark Zuckerburg for a day? I'd transfer Facebook to Vernica B. Enciso. 

One word to describe your life right now.: 
Pwede 3? Full of adventure! 


Sisters Vern and Verniece are totally rocking the "twinning" captions that I myself thought that they are twins! But apparently....

Identical or Fraternal?: 
Not twins! 

How does it feel like having a twin?: I don't have a twin but definitely feels like I have one. We're closer than most siblings or twins I know :) 

How often do you fight over something?: 
Not so often but we do have different opinions on most things and that gives us a different outlook on a lot of things :) 

One thing/trait/skills that your sister has and you wish you have it too: 
The way she can control her emotions and not act on them so much. 

Do you share your things with Verniece?: 
Yes, almost everything! 

How different are you from your your sister?: 
Very, I'm the total opposite. 

But hey! They can really pass as twins!