Why Bloggers Blog

Are you planning to start a blog? Do you need more inspiration or "push" so that you could actually "click" that publish button as you start up your own blog? This entry is for you!

When I was starting on my very first blog, I did a lot of "thinking through" before actually publishing one. One of the reasons why I was hesitant to make a blog at first is how others would react. I thought that they will laugh at me, think indifferent of me or worst, think of me as an attention seeker. But I was wrong. The things that made me scared are just a product of my very wild imagination HAHA!
This post is all about my interview with another blogger in the Philippines. She is one of the people who actually made me decide to publish my very first blog site! I have known her since I was in middle school. She's one of the active students in our school in Oman, a student leader, honor student and a great "ate" to her siblings.

Introduce yourself: Hi I’m Krish, I am a Registered Nurse and Lifestyle blogger at the side
Why do you blog: I blog because it serves as my outlet and it being a blogger actually helped with my self-esteem and makes me happy (Yun dapat, may passion!) It’s another side of me, that feels liberating :)
What do you usually blog about?: I blog about Lifestyle, lifestyle because it covers everything -Fashion, Travel, Fitness and Food. I wanted to focus on fashion but have you seen how intense the completion is? Honestly, I have some Body insecurities too.
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When did you start blogging?: I started blogging, year 2014 - After my Nursing Board exam (PNLE 2014). Started out first with Tumblr for a few months, then a friend suggested I should get my own domain for more hits
Favorite blogger?: Wew that’s hard! I have a lot of faves, Kristina Bazan, Oracle Fox, Neon Blush, Hapa Time, Gary Pepper and Lauren Conrad
Why should we blog?: First of all,you blog because you want to and it makes you happy – you have to commit to it. A blog, serves as a platform- Freedom of Speech (Nobody can’t steal that from you, You speak your mind out)
At what age or when should a person start blogging?: Anybody can blog for as long you have the passion and drive. Then you should possess the value of Honesty– be honest to your readers, provide facts and be relatable also
What do we get from blogging?: What you get from blogging? It depends on the person actually. You set up a blog depending on your intentions/ goals too- it can be a hobby or full-time job. For me, since mine is just a side hobby – I wanted to be known in a way, to influence people most likely – the satisfaction and a simple pat on the back is enough for me (something na pinaghirapan ko- I was able to stand on my own and create a brand for myself). Another thing is, the experience, the lessons you carry along the way and meeting new people
What can we get from attending blogging conferences?:  I never attended blogging conferences, maybe would like to know more about HTML CODES for my website’s layout and improvement on my content (writing ain’t my forte, public speaking gives me an edge but sometimes I really need to work on it also)
Advice to this aspiring bloggers who are afraid of what others will think about them: For aspiring bloggers out there, first you have to decide if you really wanted to do this – don’t do it because you are joining the bandwagon. Blogging, It really takes a lot of work (You really have to work hard for it), you have to be responsible also #responsiblejournalism. Don’t be afraid to be yourself also and If you really want to blog, just do what makes you happy (At the end of the day, being happy matters and whatever people say, “labas sa kabilang ear” and stay classy). Then personally I’ve learned there are limits about posting stuff on social media (You don’t have to post everything going on in your life), the older I become, the more wisdom I get, you realize that it’s not about the likes, it’s about doings likeable. You can’t please everybody, learn to appreciate the people who really support you and just do your thing. Continue to learn also
How should we break the stigma in the Philippine Society na “ai feeling blogger. konte lang naman babasa niyan”  and how not to get affected by it (how not to be affected by illogical criticisms that are abundant in the Philippines): At this day, there will always be “judgers”, people will always have something to say. Just keep on working, Focus on yourself, Love yourself and know your priorities. Be thankful (Huwag kalimutan si Lord, kasi people will always fail you) and kind.
"If you are passionate about something there is always a way and you'll have all the time & energy!."- KrishGeek
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