Bacolod; A Place of Extreme Happiness

Bacolod, Negros Occidental is indeed a great place. Even if you are the most serious person on earth, the people in Bacolod can make you smile!
They are the friendliest people that you'll ever meet!  They have great tourist spots and these spots have a lot to offer to their "tourists". The people are very very approachable and rarely will you see people fighting over something- unlike the people in Manila. They have great road works. no damaged roads no traffics at all! (except of course if accidents occur) Drivers follow road rules and pedestrians do the same as well! It is so nice to live in their place!.
So we celebrated Johanna's 18th birthday at her birthplace which is Bacolod. She's a liscenced driver already which is why the transportation is less of a hassle for us. Our first stop was Ilo-Ilo to eat at Jollibee. hahaha! Then on board Weesam Express, we travelled to Guimaras Island. Guimaras is "BAE". They have semi white sand beaches and great floral and faunas. I had a hena tatoo also. After a day, our next stop was Campuestohan Highlands. Vivienne (not in the picture below) wasn't able to be with us in Campuestohan cause she had to go home kasi may class na sila sa Ateneo de Manila University.   Moreover, Patrick Dumaran- isa sa pinaka close friend namin- took her place. He was with us sa highlands.
On the night of the 3rd of November, Johanna brought us at a Japanese restaurant to meet her friends in USLS. They were so nice so Jen and I didn't have any problem at all. The next day was spent for shopping. We shopped till we drop in a mall and had our body pampered via Full Body Massage at Spa Natura. Our last stop was Mambukal. Mambukal has a lot of hotsprings, and adventure-ish type of activities that they can offer their visitors. Boating, zipline, swimming, and spa are some of the few things that they can offer.
I had a great time in Bacolod. Given the fact that the Cardinal family hosts excellently, the experience was damn so memorable!  And of course after quite a long time, my sisters and I were once again reunited!
PS: We also went sa The Ruins! Such a great place to conduct photography sessions! hihi!