Book Review: Break Free by Don Soriano

"Never do something just because you are after money"- (Soriano, 2017). A financial literacy book not only for Filipino entrepreneurs but for students in all walks of life as well.

Title: Break Free
Format: Paper Back
Author: Don Soriano
Pages: 80

This is the modern guide for newbie Filipino entrepreneur. It's a one stop shop that help you to quickly build the business mindset in 1- hour read.
Discover the 8 principles you need to know for massive success in the business world. 

Break Free is a financial literacy book for budding Filipino entrepreneurs. It teaches its readers 8 principles needed to be successful in their entrepreneurial career. It teaches its readers how money is not always the answer for everything and what constitute "real success"!

I am a student, will I be able to learn from this book?:
Yes! I am no entrepreneur nor is my chosen field close to entrepreneurship but I was able to relate with whatever he is telling his readers. I am an Engineering student to be exact and you might wonder why the heck I chose to read his book but mind you, even I was surprised that I was able to really immerse myself in his book, learn lots of things especially financially and learn life lessons as well. He actually started the book by having a flashback during his college years, which was really relatable. I consider myself as an "independent-living student" because I manage my own expenses and money because both of my parents are abroad. I can't ask for more if I miss calculate my expense and get short. His book made me realize a lot of things especially about PROPER money management!

His tips are very ideal and feasible!
He gives tips that are very attainable for all people in all walks of life. Even if you are in your teenage years or retiring years, you will be able to learn from it. He even mentioned common financial mistakes done by OFWs- which I know is true because I have observed those mistakes myself from the OFWs I know. He also gives money saving tips, which everyone can do. He teaches a step-by-step way on how to accurately and easily save money that even I will really do because I can see how feasible it is! You don't need to be a pro at accountancy to do his steps. 

The life lessons he teaches his readers were on point!
It is really good to learn from a person who has experience how it is to be at the bottom. In this book, he shared everything he experienced since hitting rock bottom and how he was able to overcome it and become who he is now. If I wasn't able to get a copy of this book, I probably would do the same mistakes he had because I had the same thinking that he had when committed his past mistakes. 

Money is not everything:
I love how he teaches his readers that money is not everything and that having such mindset will be the primary factor that will pull you down. I also love how he keeps telling his readers that everything starts with the mind but if you won't act on it, you will achieve nothing. 

Relatable quotes:
"Eliminate the fear of failure and learn how to handle rejection"
- "Being emotional allows smart people make dumb choices"
- "If I wanted to be happy, I can choose to be happy whether I had money or not"

These are just SOME of my favorite and relatable sentences he shared in his book. There are a lot more I tell you!

Indeed this book is your one stop shop for entrepreneurial and financial education. Normally, there are books that have flying chapters where you won't learn anything from but this book is not one of them. Every chapter is a "learning chapter"! You will learn from cover to cover. You will always look forward to reading another chapter after finishing one chapter. I love how he placed his shoes on his readers that he didn't make the book as boring as any college textbooks I have. I wish all textbooks in school were like this. Very detailed but simplified. He even made a whole summary that his readers could check once in a while at the last portion of the book. I also love how he shared everything he knows from tips down to secrets. Most important of all, I love how he discussed his mistakes and the things he did to be successful as well as the proper mindset to have that even college students like me can relate to and will learn from. I also would like to commend how humble he is. He is a successful person now but you will see how humble he is by the way he talks to his readers- which made me more interested to read. By the way, I was able to finish the book for an hour or two! 

After reading this book, I became more motivated to save not because I want more money and spend it carelessly but to save for my own future. I may not be an employee nor an employer right now but I now know the do's and don'ts that I must do in the future since I only have 3 years left for school. 

I can say that I can and I will Break Free!

For inquiries about the book, you may contact sir Don Soriano here:
Don Soriano Page 
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