Saturday, February 18, 2017

Engineering Students React to Valentines Day

It's February and what does this mean? Yes! It's the Happy Hearts Month. But is it really a "Happy" hearts month for one of the busiest group of students in universities? I asked several Engineering students about how their Valentines day have been. Their answers are quite amusing!

As you all know, I am an Engineering Student of De La Salle University- DasmariƱas, and I asked several students about how their Valentines day have been. Their answers are quite amusing!

"Unexpected!" - Piso | Junior | Environmental and Sanitary Engineering

"Memorable!"- Robert | Junior | Electrical Engineering

"Bitin!" (Not enough)- Teddy Pig | Junior | Environmental and Sanitary Engineering

"Tragic!"- Not meant to be | Junior | Industrial Engineering

"Fantastic" - Vail | Sophomore | Industrial Engineering

"Nothing!" - Joshua | Sophomore | Industrial Engineering

"Just another ordinary day..." - Hello Kitty | Junior | Industrial Engineering

"Fine" - Gen | Sophomore | Industrial Engineering

"Special" - B | Sophomore | Industrial Engineering

"What is that day?" - Bonjing | Sophomore | Industrial Engineering

"Lonely..." - Brooks | Sophomore | Industrial Engineering

"Blessed!" - 19pts  10 rebs 2 steals | Junior | Industrial Engineering | Varsity

"Sophisticated!" - Solenn | Sophomore | Industrial Engineering

"Valentines day? Today is Tuesday!" Oppa | Sophomore | Industrial Engineering

Those are their responses. You might be wondering where my response is from those above... Well, I still don't have any response yet because my habibi and I are yet to celebrate it on the weekend. 

How about you? Regardless of your profession or course, what is your response to this year's Valentines day? 

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