Fitness 2017

Hey guys! This is Phoem and this is my 1st post about my journey to gaining weight!
As I was looking through my old pictures in my hard drive, I saw how skinny I was back in high school. I was so skinny that I only weigh 39 KG before. I was a very active student back then. I was a class officer, student- athlete, choirmember and a consistent honour student. during Saturday, Monday and Wednesday we have our Volleyball training and on Sunday and Tuesdays we have our choir trainings too. I need to balance my time with those extra curricular activities as well as my academic activities. Plus the fact that I don't eat that much due to stress and that I have a very fast metabolism.
I eventually gained weight when I became a college student. Probably because I had lesser stress and that I am eating more than before? My weight became 45kg. I even had a hard time reaching this. But then, I got confined due to food poisoning and low blood pressure so I lost another 2kg.
My hospitalization experience made me aware that I should have a fitter body. Imagine? Food poisoning plus a low blood pressure? I didn't want that experience to happen again. Then one night when my bestfriends and I were chatting through facebook, they suggested that we go have ourself be trained in a gym starting 2017. Boom! Gym! Yes! That's the answer! Workout!
My mom suggested a gym which is owned by her best friends. And what's perfect is that not only is it near our village but they have the cheapest price we found.
And then it's decided! That when I return back from Oman, change is coming to our own body! New year, new body!
January 14, 2017
Current Weight: 43kg
Weight Goal: 55kg
Ideal Body:
  • Bigger butt 
  • bigger thighs
  • bigger chest/bust
  • abs development
You? What's the story behind your willingness to be fit? What are your body goals? Comment them down below! Let's talk it out!

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