Loreal Paris Matte Magique Review

Hey guys its Phoem here! So for this post, I will be reviewing a foundation from L'OREAL PARIS. This is the ultimate foundation for MY FELLOW MORENAS!

As you all can remember, I previously posted a makeup haul and I have there my Maybelline New York powder foundation na. However, its just recently that I realised that this powder foundation's shade is too light for me. I have been looking for the perfect foundation for my skin tone (which is tan.) and I think, I found it already!
Yes! This L'OREAL PARIS Mat Magique 12H Liquid foundation is the perfect match for my skin tone and skin type! I have a tan complexion (as evident naman. very Filipina color ang skin ko) and an oily skin type. I swear I can't control the oil that comes our of my face. zzzz.
I bought the shade N5 if I'm not mistaken. I forgot to keep the box where the shade is printed. But as far as I can remember, the shade that I took was N5 or N3. I bought it in SM San Lazaro for 400 pesos and its the darkest shade available. HAHAHHA! PROUD MORENA! :P
  • Not dewey
  • Perfect Matte finish
  • Can be worn without adding press/finishing powder
  • Perfect for oily skin (does not wear off easily, leaving a shine free face)
  • Medium coverage only
14718734_10205532085701690_6186191054100661135_nWhat I actually love about this foundation is that it doesn't feet heavy once you apply it. You don't even have to put extra powder because it isn't dewey at all. Though I applied a little amount of finishing powder when I do my makeup. But if you are not that intricate when it comes to makeup, you don't have to put powder if you use this foundation. It's the bomb for all morenas out there.
jjjI'm the lady with the bangs. I didn't have a chance to actually take a picture of my face (close up) because I am not the "selfie" type. Rest assured that next time I'll post one for product reviews' sake. hihi!
This is the closest up photo that I have guys. See how "unselfie-ish" my face is. hahaha! I'm with my boyfie but let me hide his face for a while... ;) Take note! The venue is an open area, humid prone but look at how shine free my face is.
BTW guys, I am looking for a good brand of setting spray as well as concealer (perfect for my morena skin tone pls). Pls comment down below if you have a suggested brand for me! I need your help! hihi!
PS: This is not a sponsored post.

Featured Image: Photo credits to the owner. Photo is not mine I just love the pic. hihi!