Laureen Uy’s Oman Experience!

Laureen Uy, a fashion and travel blogger, went to visit Muscat, Oman- a country that I consider home.

I am following Laureen’s Instagram account since last year. A month ago, I saw that she posted a photo of herself sitting inside an Oman Air Business Class seat. I knew she’s going to have another travel blog featuring a specific country but I didn’t expect that it would be Oman! I was excited because at last, a Filipino Travel Blogger will feature and show other Filipinos how beautiful and pure Oman is!

After following her whole trip, I saw and felt how happy she was in Oman. Because of this, I tried to reach out to her through her email asking if I could interview her about her travel in Oman. She responded positively!


What were your expectations of Oman? Did the country meet your expectations?:
I knew Oman is rich in history and culture-- and I was able to see some of the beauty the country has to offer. It's definitely something you won't see elsewhere.

What were the places you visited in Oman? Where did you enjoy the most?
Al Bustan Palace, Royal Opera House, Souq Market, Grand Mosque and many more. I definitely enjoyed experiencing the Souq market because I've never seen anything like it my entire life.

What can you say about the people in Oman?:
They are all very friendly.

Most memorable experience in Oman?:
When I got to go inside the prayer room inside the grand mosque.
(Grand Mosque)

Rate your stay in the country (10/10 being the highest). Why did you give that rating?
9/10. It's really the overall experience, staying at Shangri-la Muscat, seeing all the beautiful spots, getting to try amazing food, etc.

Differentiate Oman from the places you’ve visited.
Every country is different and has its own unique charm.

Would you come back to Oman again? Why?:
Yes, to see more of what it has to offer.

She just posted her blog entry about Oman and you guys may check it here:
Need more proof of how beautiful Oman is and why it should be on your travel bucket list? Watch this video:


  1. Nice read. Hope to visit Oman too! Cheers! :)

    1. Hi! Thank you for the comment! You definitely should visit this hidden gem of the Middle East!