Life as a Model; A Hannah Dy Experience

Art Personas Management's Professional Model Hannah Dy tells us her experiences in today's modelling industry.
Instagram: @hannahdy
Just to let you guys know I am a fan of Hannah since I saw her in the June 2015 issue of Preview Magazine. She looked like Kylie Padilla kasi. She can be Kylie Padilla's doppelganger! The next time I came across her was when I saw another photo of her doing some ramp modelling. I followed her instagram account for stalking purposes because I became a fan of hers all of a sudden. It was only until last month when I tried to comment on one of her posts that she looked like Kylie.
SHE REPLIED! And I couldn't be more in love with her. Then I gathered some courage to ask if I could do an online interview with her. And in less that 24-hours, she replied with a yes!
Without further ado... I present to you, Hannah Jiorella Dy!
Name: Hana Dy
Age: 22
Education: Just graduated last June from University of Santo Tomas, took up Bachelor in Science Major in Interior Design :)
Nationality: Filipino
Hobbies: I love to go out and explore have an adventure with friends, play with dogs, artsy creative things like doodling or crafts, watching movies, listening to music, dancing, boxing
Currently busy with?: I'm currently diving more into the fashion modelling industry :)
Something interesting about yourself: I got a pretty fast metabolism, I get hungry all the time. I also feel sleepy all the time. Idk. Hahahahaha
Likes: Basically what my hobbies are. :)
Dislikes: I hate bugs and insects, even reptiles. I also hate horror movies, I wouldn't be able to function properly nor live in peace after!!
Music Taste?: My taste in music is pretty wide and flexible, it depends on my mood actually! There are just some artists and songs that when I hear them, I automatically like. I really love songs that give you so much good vibes that you can get through any day just by listening to them.
Talent: Dancing! I used to play the Drums as well.
Favourite brands of clothes: H&M will always be my go-to store. But honestly, brands don't really make a huge impact. I always look into comfort and style.
Favourite shoes: I love flatts and sneakers!
Makeup must haves: Light foundation, concealer, powder, blush, contour, highlight, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, mascara, neutral warm tone eyeshadow palette, and your fave lipstick or lip tint.
Usual budget for shopping: 1-5k depends on how much I'm willing to spend that time!
Why modelling? Is it difficult?: Modeling has always been such an interesting thing for me, I've always had this enthusiasm with the fashion industry. I really enjoy it because you get to become a whole different person once you've had your make up and hair done with the styling and everything. It's always a different scene and it's never boring. Plus you get to meet new and really fun people! Hmm, it's not easy but it's not difficult as well. I guess with a lot of practice, inspiration, and movtivation, anyone can do it! Self confidence goes a long way!
What age did you start modelling?: I started when I was about 16-17
What made you do modelling?: My friends would always encourage me and tell me "why not go modeling" before and even my mom would tell me to try it out and i guess one day i finally got to convince myself and muster enough confidence and courage to try it out, and ever since then, I really enjoy it and I just want to keep improving and growing into a better model. :)
Model Goals?: It would be such a dream to model abroad, internationally. I love to travel and it would be such a huuuuge deal if I get to work around the world as well.
Favourite theme in modelling?: I like being fierce hehe
Clothing lines that you have modelled on?: Cotton On, Bench, Penshoppe, Bobson Japan...but I think i have more experience with designers such as Anthony Ramirez, Cheetah Rivera, Jaz Cerezo, Esme Palaganas, Gabbie Sarenas, Jc Buendia, etc.
Magazines that you were part of?: Asian dragon, Fil-Am Wedding Journal, Egalite Magazine, Kirameki Magazine (New York), Preview Magazine
Press exposures?: I joined Ms. Chinatown pageant in 2013, I guess I've had more press there than I could have ever imagined! I've also attened Preview ball and Megastyle event
What do you get from modelling?: You get to meet a lot of talented and well-rounded people in the industry, you get to build connections widen your network, you get to learn and grow from models who've been in the industry longer and have already made so much impact, you get to feel more confident about yourself. It's a really interesting and fun journey!
Is there something that you don’t like about modelling? What and why?: I'm really not a fan of wearing heels but of course I don't mind since it's part of the job. hehe
Advantage and disadvantage of modelling:
Advantages: You actually get several perks, there's always freebies here and there, good food, you get to wear designer clothes, you get to have your hair and make up done for free, you can borrow clothes from designers for your events, the pay isn't so bad as well!
Disadvantages: You don't always get the job so that takes the risk factor a bit higher compared to other jobs, the waiting time takes forever
Share a funny experience in modelling: There was one time i was about to go on stage already for a fashion show, coincidentally there were two of us who were named Hannah and it was a bit dark backstage, and they asked me to put my hands in my pocket when i walk on the runway, it was such a rush and so i did. But while walking on the runway, I realized that the pants really didn't have pockets. So I was actually faking it the whole time! When i got to the backstage the designer told me that i wasn't the one they were referring to and that they made a mistake telling me. Lol but we were all laughing at it after! Thank god it wasn't so bad!
Would you rather have big boobs or big butt?: Big butt? Hahahaha
What does it take to become a model? Is there a certain criteria? if so, what do you think are those?
Although there are some requirements especially in fashion runway with the height requirement (at least 5'7 usually) and vital statistics but It's really how you project and carry yourself. What matters is how well you can wear what they dress you up with and how well you project the image and character.
Do you agree that ONLY the “pretty”, “tall” and “sexy” are fit to be models?
I personally don't like the idea that only those labels listed above are "fitted" or "considered" to be the only models in the industry. Realistically speaking, there are so much kinds and types of people and that should be the main focus on how each and every individual will be able to become more confident with their own skin and get to flaunt what they have. Models should be the ones who help empower the people, pushing them to embrace who they are and what they have.
Your ways to maintain your figure?: Yes. Although I really love eating, I balance it with exercise. :)
Message for those aspiring models out there? (specially the young ones)
To all aspiring models especially to the young ones, don't be scared to try things out. If you're nervous and excited about something, It's probably worth it! Believe in yourself and what you can do and make the most out of it, do your best. You won't have any regrets then! Always stand up to what you believe in and what is right. You'd be surprised how far and how much you can do! Always have an appetite for growth and improvement. Criticisms will come your way, never take it the wrong way. It helps you as a person! And no matter how far and how high you've reached, always keep your feet grounded. Always be grateful and more blessings will come your way! :)
If you could be a cartoon character who would you be and why?
I'd like to be Ariel. I want to conquer my fear of deep water. And also because she's always been my favorite. Hehe
If you have one super power, what would it be and why?
Teleportation. I really want to travel and visit so much places!
One word to describe you life as a model.
Thrilling! Every opportunity is such an interesting and exciting one!

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