Muay Thai Training Gears

Hey guys! I am back with another post but this time, it'll be about "fitness"!
If you are following my blog, you would know that I started this "Fitness Journey PH" project during the start of the year. Unfortunately, going to the gym has been hard for me because of school which is why I usually do a home base excersise which I will share to you guys soon.
Moving on... I will share to you guys my Muay Thai Training gears that I use as I go on training. Just a short background, I started having Muay Thai training last December and I stopped for a month and a half because I went abroad. And now, I will return.
I'm not gonna make very long introduction now since I know it can be very annoying. So here they are:
1. Sports Bra
I got this Adidas sports bra from Go Sports, a sports shop in Oman, for only 6 OMR because it was on sale. That's approximately 750 PHP if converted. It was originally for sale at 12 OMR which is approximately 1550 in PHP. I use this as my inner garment and pairs it with a shirt and my ever favorite Nike Tights.
2. Dri-fit tights:
This one is my favorite tights which is why this is the one that I'll feature here. This is a knee length tights which I use most of the time because of how comfy it is while I'm wearing it. I recommend using dri-fit for you guys.... Its really more comfortable specially in Muai Thai since leg work and kicking is involved.
3. Rubber Shoes
So this is my Nike Pegasus 33 Womens and its a size 6. Yup. I'm a size 6. HAHA! This is my favorite training shoes. You might be wondering why I placed this as a Muay Thai gear since you don't really have a footwear while doing some kicking? Well, that's because we do burpees and other exercises for the core and strength. My coach asks me to do some running too as well as some jumping and all.
4. Hand Wraps
So this is my Everlast hand wraps which i bought in Muscat as well for only 3 OMR which is about 400 pesos when converted to Philippine currency. You guys have to have your own hand wraps when going to a Muay Thai gym for training. You might be asking why? Soley for hygenic purposes. Borrowing of hand wraps for me can be very un- hyge
nic since other trainees may have used it already and may have used it to wipe their sweat! (I myself sometimes use my  personal hand wraps to wipe my sweat on my forehead.) Borrowed hand wraps can be very smelly too. :(
5. Boxing Gloves
This is my Tabo Boxing gloves which I bought for only 6 OMR since it was on sale. I was actually gonna buy an Everlast gloves but their 8 Oz seemed so tight for me when I tried it on. I was supposed to get a 10 but they currently doesn't have a stock for it sooo I ended up buying this gloves before coming home to the Philippines. I suggest that you guys bring your own gloves as well! Based from my experience since I didn't have my own gloves when I first trained, borrowed gloves from the gym stinked. My hands stinked and my personal hand wraps stink as well. I am warning you guys! hahaha!
Well, those are my gears for my Muay Thai training. If you guys think that I am missing some things, go comment them down below. If you also have an experience of having Muay Thai training, by all means, please share them down! I would love to hear from you!
By the way! I just reached a good number of followers! Because of that I will have a mini giveaway soon (within the Philippines only tough. huhu!). Any suggestions? Comment them down!
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I love you all!
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