Oman Escapade '16

Hey guys! I am back with another Oman Escapade post.

If you guys are following me on Instagram, you would know that I went back to Muscat for a vacation and I spent almost a month there. If you are not yet following me on Instagram, go check it out now! Hihi! And if you guys don't know where Muscat is, go check my 1st blog post about it.
(Wings of Airbus A330 - On board Oman Air)
December 18, 2016
16107782_10206166977133579_1727953418_oThis is my first time flying abroad without the company of my brother because he still has classes until the last 2 weeks of December. This made my mommy a bit nervous but its a good thing that a super close friend of mine, Myca had the same flight with me.
We went aboard Oman Air which is a direct flight from Muscat to Manila. I did an online check in so we get to choose where we sit and eventually having a seat beside each other.

It was a fast 7-hour flight. Upon our arrival in Muscat, my dad brought me to one of the newest malls in Oman which is strategically located in front of our flat- the Panorama Mall. We had our lunch there and I get to choose anything that I want! (Well, he always lets me choose anyyything that I want. Thanks dad!)15967420_10206166977533589_1646539752_o
Filipino Dish: Halabos na Hipon (Buttered Shrimp) from Palayok Restaurant inside the Panorama Mall
The next day, since my highschool classmates- who are already in Muscat- knew that we arrived, they made a get together event at a mall near our house as well. The Muscat Grand Mall. Upon waking up, I was bombarded with planning messages of this event. Unfortunately, only 5 of us came. Haha!

December 23-24, 2016
Now this is where the "vacation" starts. My brother arrived in Muscat and we were off to go!

We first stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Sohar (a province of Oman). They had great facilities and amenities which I'll put down below. Truly, they are living by their 5-star hotel category. They also had great reception staff and their breakfast is A-MAZING! The room was very classy and there's no negative thing that I can say about this hotel.


After checking out the next day, dad brought us to the one of the oldest mall I know in muscat which is the City Centere- Seeb. This mall has been in here since I first came to Muscat when I was 5. Haha! And oh my gosh, Oman sale. Mall sale... SALE EVERYWHERE!!!! 25-75% OFF!!!

Crowne Plaza Amenities we used on our stay:
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bowling Area
  • Recreational area (Table Tennis & Billiards & Fuzzball facilities)

The View from our room...
December 29-30,2016

The next hotel that we stayed at is the Al Nada Resort and Spa. This hotel is more of a nature-friendly hotel They even have a Cheetah den inside their hotel. Bicycles are available for use and they have Saunas, unique jacuzzi pools and a huge swimming pool for guests.

As for breakfast, I did enjoy my breakfast there but I think Crowne had better tasting breakfast for me. No hate pls, but I did enjoy my breakfast in this resort too. Their accommodation was superb! We stayed at a huge villa wherein you can really feel cozy and a "home away from home". Their villas were spot-on-amazing and comfortable. Each villas has their own wifi connections too! Such a great place to stay! Will definitely come back because of the "village" feeling!
We wanted to use their Sauna and Mountain Jacuzzi facilities but they were under maintenance when we visited.
January 2017
January 14, 2017

This is it! Another goodbye to Muscat. And now, I was all alone. That's what I know. But when we reached Seeb International Airport, I saw some upperclassmen of mine and I believe that they will be on the same flight with me.

We ate sa Coffee Bean branch at the airport after checking in and dropping off my luggages. Fastforward to the 1st blessing I got on 2017, my seat got UPGRADED TO BUSINESS CLASS! They said that the aircraft that we were supposed to use changed hence, seat arrangements needed to be changed as well.

However, it is a surprise that I get to be upgraded! Only 8 passengers were upgraded and I was one of them as well as my highschool senior. I got to enjoy the flight in 100% comfortability! THANK YOU OMAN AIR! This is my 2nd time to be upgraded to business class! ughh! I am loving it!

How was your holidays guys? Did you guys visited another country or even a local place? If so, where did you go? Comment them down and let's share our experiences in our travels~