Rant of a College Student

I don't usually rant about school since I enjoy being a student. However, since this semester started- we're on Team August- my everyday life seems to be so toxic.

I have a good class schedule. My class starts at 7 and ends at 3 in the afternoon. I always have a one and a half break and I only go to school for 4 days. No Friday and Monday classes. I should be happy right? But no! HAHA! The classes I'm into are so toxic. Why??
1. Terror RESEARCH professor:
Our section got in a Research class with this well known terror HEAD OF THE RESEARCH DEPARTMENT professor. This is our first class every Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1.5 hours. He would always make us recite and if we don't get/say the answer that he wants, he will never ever let you sit until you get to answer what and how he wants it. He would raise his voice and repeat his question until you get it right. He would sometimes leave negative side comments about you too. This can be good sometimes because we are forced to study our lessons in his class but the thing that I don't like about it is that his class takes a lot of my energy. I always get nervous in his class (afraid of being embarrassed by him if ever I won't be able to answer his questions), I can't relax hence; after his class we are all sabaw for the next subjects. This is not even a major subject! (Though I know that I still need to be good in this subject because my course requires a lot of researching to do).
2. Quiz questions that are out of this world:
I get a lot of professors who are like this. Since freshman year, most of my professors give quiz questions that are soooooo out of this world. They would give examples during lectures that are so basic but when quiz comes, nganga na!
3. Stigma:
A lot of professors expect a lot from engineering students. The common notion is "You're an engineering student so you should know this, you should be like this, you should do this and etc.". It gives us more pressure helloooo! We are already pressured since we have to finish this course for 5 years + our parents pressure should they add up pa???
4. Freeloaders:
I hate these kinds of people. I am a "doer" type of a person and sometimes, this becomes a liability to me when group works are right across the corner. There are some people who become my instant friends and call my name in the sweetest tune asking if they can be in a group with me. Of course I would say no especially if I know that they are the freeloader type but that's if I can choose my group mates. But that's not the case most of the time. This adds up to the pressure that I feel because out of 5 people in the group, only 2 members actually does the work.
5. Commuting:
I am not a dormer. I commute for 45 minutes in the morning going to school and 1 and a half hour from school to home. Weird right? But yes! Welcome to the Philippines! The traffic adds up to the toxic-ness that I feel in school. It's a continuous battle for us- college students- to commute. Worst is if it is raining! That one and a half hour travel will be a 2-hour commute + the pollution + heat + flooding. I don't want to be in a dorm for personal reasons tho. haha!
You? What are your rants as a college student? Go comment it down below and let's see if there's something in common between us!

Hope to hear from you!!!