Real Techniques: Sam's Pick Edition Review

Hey guys! I am back with another review! I apologize for posting a bit late though. We just had our MIDTERM examinations and I needed to intensely study for it. Well enough with this intro, let's get to the review na. hihi!
So a few days ago, I bought myself a new set of makeup brush. Yes I know na kabibili ko lang ng 10-piece makeup brush last month... kaya lang kasi, after watching few makeup tutorials, I just realized na mej kulang pa pala yung brushes ko. I lack an eyeshadow crease brush/blender, buffing brush, contour brush (smaller brush), concealer brush and an eyebrow brush. I tried looking for a piece by piece brushes but then I realized that doing such will cost me more than buying in a pack.
Real Techniques brushes were the common brushes used by the vloggers who I watch in Youtube. Hence, the brush that I bought. I was thinking twice between buying the Sam's pick edition or the Starter Pack Edition. I ended up buying Sam's picks kasi nga, I also need a buffing brush and a concealer brush. Actually, the Sam's Pick edition was the best package for me because all that I need is there.
So the Sam's Picks edition comes with 6 brushes: 1 multi task brush, 1 buffing brush, 1 crease brush which is a set exclusive, 1 setting brush, 1 pointed foundation brush and 1 fine liner brush for cream eyeliners.
As of the moment, I was able to use everything except for the fine liner brush. That is because I don't use eyeliners (because I tend to look a lot scarier if I wear one.) and I don't have a cream eyeliner. hahaha!
Multi task brush:
Okay soooooo I used this multi task brush as my blush brush and I love how it works. Its strands differ in length and I think that it is the reason why the blush that I apply is blended well. Effortless Application indeed!
Buffing brush:
I am using this brush for applying my translucent powder because I use a liquid foundation as my foundation. I swear, this buffing brush has magic! Haha! Like the multi task brush, the strands of this brush are not of the same length as well hence an effortless blending! Though translucent powder need minimal blendings lang, I swear, my powder application game has never been this easy!
Crease brush:
As the name implies, its a crease brush and I super love this brush! The best piece in this collection. I always found it hard to blend my eyeshadow.... But with this brush, oh my goodness! EFFORTLESS. I SWEAR! I never fall in love with inanimate objects but this brush is an exception. hahaha! In the box it says that this brush is for effortless contouring but for me, this can also be for an effortless eyeshadow blending!
Setting brush:
I only tried this brush once as a contour brush for my cheekbones and it worked well for me. Unlike before, I was using a very thick brush for contouring. More often, I  use this for applying highlighter on my nose area because contouring my cheekbones make me look thinner and I don't want that because I am pretty much thin na. haha!
Pointed foundation brush:
This one I use this for applying concealer on my undereyes because of its thin and pointed build. I love how this works because I can easily blend my concealer using this as compared to before na I am using sponge. This is also good for applying concealers/foundation sa nose area that is difficult for sponges to reach/blend. Purrrfect talaga!
  • Great choice for newbies like me
  • All-in-one collection
  • lightweight
  • no cons for me!
And yeah! That's it for my review! If you have been using Real Techniques' brushes too and there's something that you think that I miss, go comment them down! Any blog ideas that you want me to talk about too just go comment it down too! Thank you all for reading!
Pacific Bella
Signing off.