Summering! Boracay Trip!

I apologize for updating late. Its been a month since I last posted something in here. I was a bit busy the past month because I went on an out of townvacation with my friends and I was enrolled in a Driving School. I will share everything don't cha worry! ;)

Last May 21-23, my bestfriend Vivienne celebrated her 18th birthday in the very famous Boracay of Caticlan, Aklan. We stayed at the Fairways and Bluewater Hotel for 3 days and two nights.
First photo that I took sa beach. This is at the STATION 2 of the beach. I don't have a photo with the sand castle because they were charging us 20 pesos for a picture. And I left my money on our hotel room. haha!
This is our view from the veranda of our room. :) Yes! the resort has its own Golf Course!

This is us on our second day. Yes. We're on our rash guards because that's our schedule to do some WATER SPORTS like FLYING FISH, BANANA BOAT and HELMET DIVING
I apologize for that face. HAHA! I was so excited and happy that's why! I'm going to post a VLOG about the trip so that you'll see how we did the Helmet diving! :)
(L-R: Johanna Cardinal, Bacolod City | Vivienne OrdoƱez, Makati City | Yours Truly, Bacoor City | Jennifer Prado, Davao City)
Yes we came from different places which is why its so hard for us to meet up or get together since we returned from Oman for college. Yes. They are my bestfriends from Oman.
3 days is SOOOO FAST lang specially when you're enjoying every minute of it. This is us by the way! :) My sisters from another mommies. :)
How was your summer guys? Any suggestion for summer getaway place? Please do comment them below! I would want to discover new places in the Philippines!
Driving Classes
YUP! My dad sent me to a driving school!!! I enrolled for a 13-hour Special Manual Course for Sedan Cars and IT WAS ONE HECK OF A CLASS!
I was about to give up on my second day because I almost hit a tricycle while driving. I was having a hard time driving a MANUAL CAR. But of course, only LOSERS quit kaya I continued. I even paid for an extension.
Ending? I PASSED MY ASSESMENT!!!! I can now drive a manual car! wooohooo!

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