Why I started Blogging

I have never been a social media addict to be honest. I only have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as social platforms. What happened to the others?
Nah! I am not even a fan of tweeting everyday and broadcasting all of the things that I have and the things that I do online. I just love taking photos! I guess the saying  "Those who can not tweet, Instagram"  is true. Since I do not really tweet that much, I Instagram. I love posting random things in instagram which is why I make it a point that my Instagram feed is worth looking at.

When I started using Instagram, I had a very crappy feed. It really sucks. This is why I started following users whose Instagram feeds captured my eyes. Ida AnduyanMica AsuncionVernice EncisoNatalie Liao and my best friend Johanna Cardinal are some of these IGers who has the most amazing feeds. I patterned my feeds like how they did theirs and now, numerous friends and followers had been praising my feed! Yay for mee!
And blogging? HA-HA! I was so inspired by the people above mentioned to make my own blog. I can see how they can freely express theirselves online through their websites / blogs. This amazes me. Though I know that only few people would actually spend their time looking at mine, but so what? At least I have a place where I can express myself freely.
Thank you for spending time reading this post! I hope you'll enjoy all the things that you will see in this site! Leave me a message for any blog suggestion!