Why Should We Keep a Journal?

Vivienne, a certified journal junkie, teaches us about the colorful world of journals, why we should use journals as well as some tricks and tips in using them. 

So hey guys! I am back with another post and today, we are going to learn what journalling is and the benefits it can give us. We are in a time where everyone is busy with almost anything in life. It is sometimes difficult to find someone to talk to about what happened in our day or rant about something bad that happened because of course, they themselves are busy with their own rants in life. A confidante- to be exact and this post will teach us that you don't actually need "someone" to share your thoughts with, it can be "something"

Differentiate Journal to Planner
Journals, for me, are the recordings of the heart, as cheesy as that sounds. I keep a journal where I write my innermost feelings and apprehensions for that day, and it really helps in putting things into perspective. It's like having a friend who listens more than he/she talks!
A planner is more for your brain. It keeps your productivity at an all-time high, seeing as that's where you find your to-do list, goals, future events, etc.
I use a hybrid of a journal and a planner to keep tabs on myself - my habits, my meals, and some quick thoughts that will help me gauge my mental, physical, and emotional health.

Advantage and disadvantage of journaling
There are so many perks that come with investing your time in journaling. The biggest return of investment for me was that I felt more put-together and self-aware, as I had a physical manifestation of what was going on with me.
People sometimes think that I'm bordering on OC, but that's not the case. It just helps to keep the structure that comes with journaling and planning to a manageable level so that when you lose chances to update, it doesn't cause detriments to you.

What should we put in our journals?
This is completely up to you! It helps to know what you need to SEE to UNDERSTAND. I suggest taking a few minutes to jot down stuff you want to be more aware of when it comes to yourself, and then push through with that.

Do we have to make journals “artsy”?
Not at all! It has to be a reflection of yourself.

Do you follow any steps when you do your journal entries? What are those?
Step 1: Make a cup of tea
Step 2: Get pens and notebooks out
Step 3: Fill in habit trackers, day spreads (more on that later!), rant in journal
Step 4: Feel better after a long day :)

Why did you start making a journal?
I wasn't always on top of things in high school. I'd always start and break habits as if I were changing clothes, until there was this time that I almost burned out. This was when I decided that enough is enough, and that I should find an outlet for me to stay on track and at the same time, exercise my creativity and passion for writing. Journaling worked out perfectly for me in this regard. I can honestly say that I am a healthier, happier person, and this is just one of the effects that journaling can provide!

What motivates you in making an entry?
Basically, as much as possible I just want to stay updated with my journals daily!

What are the materials you use in making your journal?
I use a Muji A6 notebook for my health journal, a small Moleskine A5 18-month planner for tracking dates, and another Moleskine notebook for my thoughts. I have a LOT of pens - I pretty much completed all the colors for G-tecs, to be honest HAHA I also use Frixion pens for writing. (Yes, I manage to use ALL the colors somehow!) I also love to use washi tape to decorate or hold things together in a very artsy way. 
What do you get from making/doing journal entries?
I get the satisfaction of knowing that I get to be more in touch with myself, and that I'm able to reflect on things regularly.

How often do you make your entries?
Every day, as much as possible! I slip every now and then because being a pre-med student is tiring. But hey, I've been pretty good at managing my stuff. 

Tips and tricks?
Check out printables for day spreads, habit trackers, and more! There are a lot of stuff downloadable online. That's where I started.

One word that describes your journal/journal entries

What can make you stop making journal entries/journaling?

Time is the biggest barrier I've encountered. It's more of being too tired to lift my hands and write.

Do you do journals as well? How have you been? Comment down your journalling experience!

- Vivienne May B. Ordonez
-Personal Instagram: @vvnnrdnz 
- Journal Instagram: @vvignette


  1. yess...i write a journal since 2014...since everybody else thinks of me as an awkward guy, especially when i befrend strangers, i just wanna let all of my madness into one journal..especially i write songs for a long time now....its my way to talk since nabubulol din me minsan :)

    1. Hi Gerald! I am so happy that you are keeping a Journal and write songs! I write songs too! Let me know if you have a published post about it. Let me check on them! ;)