Workout Plan

Hey guys! So for this post, I will be sharing with you my very first workout plan!
According to some articles and videos that I have beed reading and watching, having a workout plan is a must have before visiting your gym. This is needed so that you will know what to do and what steps to follow as you do your work out.This is also helpful so that you get to develop the muscles in your body in a better and systematic way.Moreover, even if I didn't know that having a workout plan is important, if you are following my personal blog Pacific Bella, you would know that I am a person who loves to have a "plan" because... why not? haha! So, I will still have a plan!
This plan is what I want to follow towards getting my body goals done! This may not be the plan for you but if you have the same goal as mine, you can definitely try this too. I got these exercises by combining all the exercises that the bloggers I watched suggested.
I won't be blabbering a lot now soooo... So here you go!
Current weight: 43kg
BMI: Underweight
Classes starts: Tuesday ends in Friday
Gym Day: Saturday, Monday
House workout: Wednesday (dorm workout)
Eat 1 hr before and after workout untitled
Majority of the articles that I read and vlogs I watched, having a rest day in between your workout day is very advisable. Working out everyday for a week may cause muscle strain and may not mean a faster muscular development. That is why I did such workout schedule.
Gym Exercises: (majority are done with 3 sets of 10 repetitions)
Arms, chest, back and arms exercise:
  • roller (15 min. vary with side rowing)
  • shoulder press
  • chest press
  • side press
  • incline side press (15)
  • shoulder press (raise arms w/ barbels up)
  • pull down (pull beneath chin 10  3 set)
  • barbel up (20)
  • pull string
  • vertical seated rowing machine
  • standing leg raise
  • standing leg raise side (20)
untitled1Butt, Legs, Abs workout:
  • treadmill (optional)
    • I made this optional because I only plan to use this every other gym day to avoid losing a lot of weight
  • jump squats
  • weight swing
  • weight to chin with squats
  • leg curl
  • leg extension
  • back leg curl (face down)
  • leg press
  • weight twist (leg elevated little)
  • leg up touch elbow side (30 sec 3x)
  • stretching
  • weights squats bounce long
  • rope pull under
Home exercise: because we don't have weights and machines at home....
Butt, leg & abs
  • split squat (one leg on bench then squat)
  • one leg up another on table/bench then pull up
  • one side scissor
  • leg slide (left middle right) 20
  • leg side back (30)
  • reverse lunge kick (30)
  • two leg up: body flat and reach for legs up
  • bicycle elevated head
  • plank while moving leg
  •  mountain climber(repeat 3x)
  • twist (sitting down)
  • twist leg raise (touch elbow)
  • leg raise (in out lift)
  • squats
  • v-leg squat
  • squat hold
  • jumo squat
  • incline self
  • cross leg up
  • squats with weight
  • weights to toe (repeat 3x)

How about you? Do you have any workout plans? What are those? Comment them down and let's share! I'll be posting fitness vlogs soon! :)