Yearly Getaway; Sultanate of Oman

For those who have no clue what "Oman" is or where it is located... Oman is a country located in the Middle East. It’s a precious country at the south of the United Arab Emirates and right side-ish of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
It’s a country that houses the best kinds of people and is headed by the best leader I have ever known- Sultan Qaboos bin Said.
Based from this post’s title, yes- every December, going to Oman is a yearly escapade for me ever since I graduated high school. My dad works at one of the telecommunications company there and we have lived there ever since I was in primary school.
I am always looking forward in going back to Oman. This is home for me. Everything seems to be “normal” here. Not that I don’t want to be in the Philippines, its just that, I am not used to being in here any more. I’ve only been here for 2 years because I had to since college in Muscat is damn too expensive! I am also looking forward in going back to my Alma Mater that helped me become who I am today. Plus the fact that our volleyball coach hosts a yearly “Alumni meet” every time we come back. By “we” I meant my classmates and I who returned to the Philippines for college.
 After a year of being away from what I call “home”, I can say that a lot has changed! From the “desert”-ish look to a new modernized and highly urbanized place- Oman definitely is showing its tourism prowess since its neighbors are doing the same. A lot of malls were made and they are not just malls- I say- they are majestic malls that any travelers-slash-shopaholics- would want to go to.

I just find the ceiling soooo cuteee! The sporty vibes is just perf!

The year end sale that ALL malls in Muscat give! BIG SALES I TELL YOU

Yes! There's Footlocker already!
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take photos of the facades and exteriors of the malls that suddenly existed in Oman after a year! (I’m such a dummy I know.) But in this year’s escapade, I promise to take photos for you guys to see! For you to see the hidden paradise that this country in the Middle East can offer!
For the mean time, I will share to you guys the things that my family and I did and the places we visited when we went there….

Nando's trademark Peri Peri chicken! Delish!
Somewhere in The Millenium Hotel
Oh yes! We did some glof-ing too! I ended up losing, though. Hahahaha!
Oppps! Sorry for the face guys! The sun was shining sooooo bright that time!

OHANA! The one of the best group of people in the universe!

PS: I had to repost this since the previous post was acting up weird on my theme.