5 Tips to Perfect Planning

Are you a student, working bee or a parent who’s having a hard time doing planning? Well don’t fret and read this post! I will give you tips on how to “plan” for what’s ahead!

We are in a very globalized and technological world where everyone is preoccupied with his or her own agendas in life. The things that we should do pile up almost everyday and it is impossible to finish some of them without the proper planning. Some believes planning is just a waste of time and effort but that is very wrong. Such mindset would even make your work harder. If you won’t plan, there’s a tendency for you to forget what you have to finish. You might not meet the deadlines set for your work. Without a plan, you might end up being unproductive.

Here are some of my ways to stay “planned”!:

1.    Have your own Planner:
I personally own a planner. Everything is written there from my yearly, monthly and daily schedule. I was able to get a hand of a planner, which provides me a detail planning procedure. Having a planner can bring you to places. You won’t forget what you have to do or submit and you will always remember “when is when”! Some planners even remind you about special holidays! You might say buying one would just cost you money. Well okay, you don’t have to have an expensive planner. Even a notebook will do!

2.    Write down everything:

From the moment your professor/boss gives instruction about a project write everything down. From the instructions, format and needed materials up to the set deadlines, jot them down on your personal planner/ notebook. This way, you won’t forget single information relating to the things you need to submit.

3.    Schedule everything:
Ever experience having a dentist appointment as well as an OB-GYNE appointment at the same time and date?
If you have a monthly calendar which looks like this:

Use it! Write down the events, occasions, parties or whatever appointments that you will attend. It is simply “blocking your schedule”. In this way, overlapping of appointments won’t occur.

4.    Learn to say no:
Yup! It’s ok to say no once in a while specially if you feel like you are starting to burn out. That is actually one of the help your planner can give you. if you can see that your schedule is as tight as hell from you planner, say no to parties and other extra curricular activities that won’t make you productive. Moreover, it is also right to say no to a work if almost every work/task is given to you. You are not the only worker in your company!

5.    Strictly follow your plans:
Every plan won’t succeed if you won’t exert effort on following it. Strictly follow your planner, notes or whatever planning guide you have. Your planner/scheduler will be very useless if you won’t follow them. It’s like you cooking a meal you don’t know how to cook without reading how to do it.

I was not keen of using a planner before. I would only rely to my memories. But guys, when memories fail, notes can give you a rescue. We are not getting any younger and so are our memories. Let’s be honest and admit that we tend to forget too specially if no one will remind us about it. Keep a planner/notes and you will feel the change I felt when I started using one in college. Mind you, since I started planning and using planner, I became very productive. I don’t forget anything and I beat deadlines. I even finish a work weeks before a specific deadline. I don’t get burned out and I even get extra time for myself!

Do you have anything more to add? Comment them down and let's help each other to better planning!