Monthly Favorites: February!

 Hello there readers! For this post, I’ll be sharing with you guys this month’s picks for my monthly favorites. Well technically, these are the things that I love using or the things that I fell in love with this month.

I was supposed to make a January favorite post last month but I was busy with processing my own domain that’s why I am starting this year’s Monthly Favorites post this month, February.

1.    Laptop
Why won’t I put this as one of the favorite things I have for this month? How else can I blog and surf the net without this right? This gadget is almost everything to me. From doing homeworks to watching my favorite tv series and dramas, this gadget is my number 1 provider. ;)

2.    Beauty Blender
I bought this blender 2 weeks ago and used it just last week. I used it for my Valentines Day look and all I can say is this blender is worth its price. I'm planning to do a review for this too! :)

3.    Piano
I started learning piano chords this month. I know how to play the guitar and I thought why not try playing piano through the cords since I’m quite familiar with chords anyways. Though the two instruments differ even if chords are used, I can say I’m learning quite faster than I thought I would. Thanks to all those piano tutors in YouTube! I’m trying to play Starving, and How Far I’ll Go.

4.    Eskwelahan Planner
I am a person who follows planners religiously and consistently. It’s like, I can’t start a week without planning first. I rarely go to “sudden” parties or events. That’s why if you’re planning to invite me for something, make sure you tell me three days before the event if not, I really won’t come. This planner is one of the best for me. It is specially designed for students and even has some coupons in it! Check my recent post about planning: 5 Tips to Perfect Planning

5.    Stan Smith Navy Blue
Well I bought these Stan Smith last month and since then, my other white sneakers (Rosche Run and Converse) were neglected. I don’t know why but this shoes has been my “go to” shoes since January. Probably because it can go with whatever clothes I’m wearing? It can even be worn with pencil cut skirts!

 How about you? Let me know what your favorites are for the month of February!

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