The Sunday Currently | 02

So I am back again with another Sunday Currently entry and this time I am posting this on a Monday because… Just because.

I’ve been a bit busy lately since there are a lot of academic requirements needed to be submitted at this point in time at school. My mom and dad also just came back from Muscat and we’ve been going in and out of the house this week. Nevertheless I am still writing this entry on a Sunday so it counts right?


A lot of calculus techniques since we are going to have exams soon. We also had our long tests this week so… yeah, my brain is stuck with a lot of integration techniques now. :D

Blog posts. I am currently scheduling my blog posts too since I’m too inspired to write a lot. Watch out for a blog post about a book review, fundraising awareness campaign annnndddd~ a fitness guru interview!!!

Currently addicted to listening to Something Just Like this by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. The rhythm, lyrics and beat guys! It’s heavenly!

Of how to get rid of oily skin!!! Do you guys have any tips or remedies for this? I’ve been trying a lot of products lately to no avail.

Lavender scented candles and humidifiers. It’s just addicting.

To have a nice 20th birthday party. 2 months left guys!

To save more money for my 20th birthday again. Ahahhah!

Loose cuddly shirts and shorts <3 best for a “sometimes” homebody like me.

Tobi our baby doggy. He’s been with us for 2 months now and we’re enjoying every minute of it. He’s brought more light to our fam.

To buy new footwears. I just don’t have enough money YET. Wait till april comes! Hahahah!

Time and sleep since a lot of things are needed to be submitted these past few weeks.


I’m feeling like its vacation already since my mom and dad came back from the Middle East. How I wish to have an early school vacation! </3

How about you? If you have a post like this you may share it with me! :D


  1. This is a great way to stay motivated. You can set goals and make sure you're meeting them and keep track of all of your accomplishments!

  2. My friends think I'm crazy, but I love Calculus! It's my favorite math of all time. Give me all the derivatives and integrals. I'll read them for fun...haha! Sounds like a productive Sunday!

  3. My dog's name is Toby too! He is too adorable! I too have oily skin and just manage it at best. It sucks.

  4. I'm addicted to lavender too! I have lavender essential oils i put in my bath and I also use it in the dryer when I clean my bed sheets. It's the best smell!!!

  5. I really enjoy these Sunday posts of yours. I love to be 'nosy' and see what people get up to on a weekend. This is such an adorable and lovely post. Have a fabulous week ahead xx

  6. I have combination skin, and I find that cleansing with an oil works!

  7. This is a really great post! But actually having oily skin isn't as bad as you think. It doesn't cause acne - bacteria does. The oils will help prevent wrinkles ;)