What's Inside a Tita Bag?

Have you seen those ladies in the mall carrying a medium to large handbags, body bags or shoulder bags and wondered why they bring those and what’s inside those bags?

Tita Bag:

Okay so this post is all about what’s inside a “tita bag” but first, let me tell you what a Tita Bag is. A tita bag is your medium-large frame bags that ladies usually bring when they go to malls, school, work or normal get-togethers.  These are not just your ordinary bag! Everything you and the society needs is inside this kind of bags. Tita by the way is a Filipino term for "Aunt".
Ever wondered why the Titas of Manila carries bag full of paraphernalia? A one-stop bag for everything to be exact. From the most common things like wallets down to your life saving first aid kits, they have it inside their bags!

Well let’s go straight to the point, what is inside a Tita Bag?

1.    A smaller bag for first aid kit & hygiene kit

Some titas have a bag for first aid kit and another bag for hygiene kit but for me, I have one small purse for the two and places it inside my Tita Bags. What’s inside a hygiene and first aid kit? Here you go:
  • -       alcohol
  • -       wet wipes
  • -       tissue (sometimes a tissue from Mc Donalds, Jollibee, or Starbucks)
  • -       pain relievers (We don’t want our head aches/stomach to ruin our shopping day or party day!)
  • -       cough and colds medicine
  • -       Napkin! (I don’t need to explain this right? Haha!)

2.    A smaller bag for make up!
Yup! #NeverForget, this is one of the things a tita should never forget. Well for me, I don’t put all my make ups in there. I just have my powder, lip & cheek tint, lipstick, comb and a hair cream!

3.    Handkerchief
Tissue is different from panyo or handkerchief. One does not simply use his/her panyo for sipon and tissue for pawis! (Pawis = Panyo | Sipon = Tissue)

4.    Wallet & shades
Of course this does not need any further explanation. Even if you don’t consider yourself as a Tita of Manila, you always always have these!

5.    Coin purse

Even if you have your wallet with you, you see to it that you separate the coins or the “Barya” from the big bills. Your instincts just tell you to do so, right? Your coins and 20-50 peso bill goes inside the coin purse while the 100-1000 bills gets to be inside a wallet!

PS: I would like to say thank you to my schoolmate who did my personalized coin purse. Yas! That's my logo right there!

6.    Card Holder

Your wallet is just not enough! You own cards from your ATM Cards, credit cards and the very famous SM Advantage card down to your Jolli Savers Card, you have them and your wallet’s cardholder isn’t just enough so you have a separate cardholder.

7.    Keys
As a tita, you always have a your keys with you. You don’t want to bother your sleeping brother to open your front door for you if in case you partied and went home late right?

8.    cellphone & earphones
We are not that old fashioned yet okay? We also have our own music playlist and listen to them especially during long rides!

9.    Ballpen
Yup! This is just an important tool of us Titas. You know how we love filling out forms for another free membership card of our favorite boutique, coffee shops or restaurants! ;)

10. Umbrella
Why shouldn’t we being umbrella? Please give me one valid reason why we shouldn’t. I mean, its always good to have one to protect yourself from the heat of the sun! Plus! If it rains all of a sudden, you are protected as well!

Did I miss anything? Comment them down if I did. Well these are just the things I know the Titas of Manila have inside their (our) bags. We just love to think of scenarios where we will need all of these! Admit it, who wouldn’t want to be with a tita like you who’s always ready for anything right?

By the way. I am not yet an aunt. I just consider myself as a Tita of Manila because I can see myself from my aunts and I can relate to a lot  of posts about being a "Tita".

All photos (except for the photo of my coin purse) are credited to their rightful owner. 


  1. Yan din laman ng akin! Haha i can't go without bringing just a small bag.

    1. Hi Alyssa! Very true! Essentials talaga! haha!