Beach Essentials

I may not be a fan of summer but the pool and the beach..? They’re my favorite place! I’ll share to you my must have items when hitting up my favorite summer spots.

I am definitely a water person. I love swimming. I even took swimming classes back when I was in high school. I did some club trainings for a while and stopped because of some personal reasons. However, my love for the water never changed!

Our family always has this yearly summer getaway. There was never a year when we don’t go out for a swim. We always swim and swim and swim! Who doesn’t love to swim right? 

Since I love swimming and summer is the best season to swim, I always bring with me few items that are essential to me during the hot days in the beach. 

1. Sun block

I never ever go out without wearing my sunblock. I have a different sunblock for my face and body if you may ask. I don’t want my skin to suffer from sun burns especially in beaches here in the Philippines where I personally believe is a place where the sun resides! I am using my Beach Hut Sunblock in SPF 100.

2. Sun Glasses

Of course if I am protecting my skin, I also do protect my eyes from its harmful rays. I was never a fan of wearing sunglasses when I was younger, but now- I do! I bought mine from Sunnies Studios for 400-500 Pesos as far as I can remember.

3. Hair ties & Caps

I have a long thick hair. It’s actually impossible to in the beach or even at home without me tying my hair because of extreme heat. As much as I don’t want to tie my hair, I am forced to because of the really hot weather here in the Philippines. Got my baseball leather cap from The Pump Dale

4. Swimsuits

Of course I always mentioned how I loved swimming right? My love for swimming is exemplified with the number of swimsuits I own. You might say I don’t love swimming but I love hoarding swimsuits but that’s a no no though. I just want to stay fashionable even if I’m in the water~ If you look closely to this picture, the Face Sun Block that I am using right now is the Oil Control Sun Cream from The Face Shop in SPF 35. I badly need this sunblock because I really have an oily face! :(

5. Towels

Of course towels are a must when hitting the beach right? One thing that makes me hesitant on bringing towels is its bulkiness. Good thing beach towels came into existence! I got to have a hand on one of the best summer buys here in the Philippines and that is the – Inlabel Beach Towel from Always Summer PH

What I love about this beach towel is that it is very travel friendly! It does not take a lot of space in my travel bag because it is not bulky at all and not heavy too! It is also super absorbent! Perfect for a person who loves to travel like me! It comes in a lot of color too! I got mine in blue because blue is my favorite!

This shop does not only sell beach towels! They also sell bikinis, tops and the likes for your ootd needs! 

To know more about them you may visit the following accounts:
Facebook Page: Always Summer PH


  1. I never even knew sunblock came in an spf 100. I do go for over 30 as I'm so pale skinned I burn and also sunglasses are a necessity but as I live in Scotland it's not very often that we get a lot of sun :D

    The Life of Dee

  2. Loved this post! Proper sunblock is essential. Damn, a beach vacation would sound amazing right now <3

    ♥ Jasmin N
    // Little Things With Jassy

  3. I love swimming too! Can't wait to get on the beach. Love that bikini! Ree love30

  4. Wow, I would love to travel Philippines at least once in my life. The weather is just right for me, I feel good when is warm, even hot. The photos are great and make me dream of my summer holiday. Wish you the best!

  5. The swimsuit looks great and I cannot wait until summer is finally here and I can enjoy time to travel and enjoy the warmth!

  6. I always have a hair tie with me! Actually more than one, I have back ups too. And during the summer, I like to keep sunscreen in my bag because it's so important to reapply! I've been debating getting one of the good spray ones!

  7. I live for the beach and pool in summer. Sunscreen is for sure one of my must haves. Although I have darker skin, I do burn and I am convinced sunscreen is the secret to maintaining youthful skin.
    xx A