Let’s talk Marketing: Flyers Edition

I am no Marketing student but I have been searching as to what marketing tool will be perfect for a blogger like me. Though I don’t aim for “fame” if that’s what you’re thinking, I just want to look for ways as to how I can engage my blog with a wider audience.

My friends suggested distribution of flyers especially during events. Why not right? I always see people distributing product brochures and/or flyers. Even I can be a victim of that marketing strategy! Whenever we go to malls and I see the striking “50-70% off on selected product” part of that flyer, it’s done! We’re going there!

I made some readings as to why it’s good to make use of flyers as marketing paraphernalia, and I came up with 5 reasons why!

1. Tangible
I always want something that I can hold and even bring home- not just something that I see. Even if your potential customer decides to read your flyers for later, it will be fine. They can read it anytime they want! Just make sure that your flyers is really that eye catching and that they stand out from others to catch their attention immediately. It would also be better if the content of your flyers were straight to the point for better audience retention.

2. Budget friendly
This is one of the cheapest ways to do advertising as according to printrunner.com. Best for a student-blogger like me right?

3. Wider reach
An order of flyers means a lot of pieces! Those people who may have not known you exist may notice you once you have your flyers running around, specially during blog events, conferences and the likes.

4. Distribution
According to The Fridge Magnet Company, flyers can be distributed in a lot of ways:
From your doorstep, news paper inserts, streets, to your favorite shops, they can be distributed.

5. Incentives
Have you guys been to the Trendsetter Bazaar? If you do, you will notice that they spread flyers with coupons that would really boost the eagerness of their audience to come and visit their bazaar! If you are a shop, this is a must for you really!

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