A Charity Event for Tahanan Sta. Lucia

A charity event that aims to gather 30 thousand pesos for the rehabilitation of children- specially girls and street children- that were sexually/physically abused and/or prostituted.

As I was reading through my newsfeed, an eye catching event announcement caught my eyes- “Charity Event: Raise 30k for Tahanan Sta. Lucia”. I immediately paused and pressed the link to know more about the event. After reading through the event, I thought “What can I do to help?”. I immediately contacted the head of this event asking more details for this event so I can post it in my blog. Maybe this way- in this littlest way as a blogger- I can help raise awareness or spread the news about this fund raising event. 

According to Ms. Lady Allyson Dulnuan, this charity event aims to:

1.     Gather PhP 30,000 donations to cover 2 months therapy of the girls in the shelter. Every month, the shelter is paying 15,000 for a child psychologist to help the girls cope up with their traumatic experiences. These girls have been physically and sexually abused so they really need these monthly therapy sessions.
2.     Gather donations for school supplies for the next school year. There are currently 15 girls in the shelter, all of them are studying and the school supplies that will be gathered will be used for the next school year.
3.     Gather hygiene kits for the girls. These will include the basic toiletries such as supplies of shampoos, soap, towels, etc.
If there would be extra money from the donations, it will be used to buy food and other stuff that will be needed on the day of the event itself. 

“I will create a program proper for the event where there will be fun activities as games and feeding.” Ms. Dunluan

She also told me that she accepts school supplies and/or toiletries donations.

Here is the Facebook Link of the Event for your reference:

Here's the link to the official fan page of Tahanan Sta. Lucia:

You may contact Lady Allyson Dulnuan here:

For donations you can deposit thru my accounts (please inform her upon depositing so she can monitor). Every cent in the donations will be listed either as by your name or by anonymous donation:

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