Conquered: Pico de Loro Batangas

We visited Pico de Loro Batangas on the 1st week of April. Check out our getaway!

So this month has been a busy month for us because my parents came home from Muscat and we are always on the road for some travels. Batangas is always the go to summer getaway of people specially from the south and we will not let this summer pass by without visiting this place- Pico de Loro to be exact.

We stayed in a Condo-tel type of accommodation in Pico de Loro. Pico de Loro Hotel is so much pricier compared to our accommodation and having a thrifty mom, Condo-tel will be our go-to place. A condominium hotel.

We did not really mind staying in a condo-tel since we are after the experience Pico de Loro will bring us. We only stayed there for 2 days and 1 night anyway. In a condo-hotel, one can bring and cook food. All utensils and everything found in the room can be used by the guests, condiments and the likes. Unlike hotels that charges guests when they use some of the things in the room aside of course from the complimentary items they give. You can’t even bring food in hotels.

On our way to our location we stopped by the Kaibyang Tunnel, a famous tunnel in the south.

Our stay in Pico de Loro even became memorable for an earthquake struck Batangas the noon of our stay. The earthquake was quite strong and we were even asked to evacuate outside the condo-tel that we are staying at.

We live in Cavite so our total travel time is only around 1.5-2 hours. There were no traffic so our travel was really hassle free. Thanks to Waze of course!

We booked everything at TripAdvisor. Mom paid there as well and everything was hassle free. Tripadvisor will send all your details to a Condo owner who is available on your desired date of stay. This condo owner will reach out to you and talk to you until you reach to an agreement (the condo owner will send quotations to you and if you're fine with everything, you pay. we paid in full.)

Here’s a mini travel vlog I posted in YouTube. For more photos, you may visit my facebook page: Pacific Bella