Review: Soban K- Town Grill | Alabang Town Center

I’ve been craving for a Korean Cuisine these past few weeks and this restaurant has been one of my “Resto Picks” since seeing its advertisments in Facebook.

If you guys follow me on Twitter, you would know how fond I am of watching Korean Dramas. I mean, who doesn’t right? If you’re a Filipina, you have at least watched one Korean Drama in your life! Boys Over Flowers? My Girlfriend is a Gumiho? Descendants of the Sun?

As a K-drama fan, I always see scenes where the main actors go to restaurants and eat pork belly or what they call Samgyeopsal. I have eaten this dish though but I wanted to try the famous Samgyeopsal of this restaurant since they said that this is their best seller.

I brought my boyfie (once again) to this resto- because he’s the only one willing to eat with me in these kinds of restaurants- as a celebration to my 20th birthday and I am really happy that I decided to celebrate it at Soban K-Town Grill at Alabang Town Center.

The resto is located outside Alabang Town Center near their Parking Lot beside Outback Steakhouse.When we entered the resto, a resounding “Annyeonghaseyo” was heard by both of us. We were immediately brought to a seat for two. I can say that the resto has a great “Korean vibes”. With soft Korean Music at the background, you’ll really be relaxed once you take a seat. Their crews were very assistive and will really tell you everything they know about the Korean Dish they serve.

(Top: Yangnyeom Tohsisal Set | Bottom: Samgyeopsal Set)
I ordered their best seller of course! Samgyeopsal solo in Soy Garlic flavor! They have two different prices for the two depending on the weight of the pork belly that you’ll order. I got mine in 120g which costs 355 PHP. The other one- 180g- costs 405php. The boyfriend ordered their Yangnyeom Tohsisal Set  in 120g which costs 430 PHP. The 180g costs 490php.

The two sets we ordered comes with UNLIMITED rice, soup, and side dishes (Lettuce, Mashed Potatoes, Kimchi, Vegetable Salad, Eggrolls).
(Soup, Vegetable Salad, Eggrolls, Kimchi & Mashed Potato. Lettuce is also included as side dish!)

Both sets are worth their prices! Some reviews say that the food they serve are pricier? I don’t think so. In fact, other Korean Resto that we tried are pricier than this. Other restaurants do not have “Unlimited rice” as offer you know! (My boyfriend and I are rice lovers so we really think this restaurant suits our fancy.)
Overall Ratings:

Food: 5/5! Super yummy and its affordable! Unli everything except for drinks! What more can we ask for!
Serving Size: 5/5! It’s really you who will decide if you’ll want a bigger serving size or not. The 120g is enough for me… for us! More than enough actually!

Place: 5/5! Korean Aura on fleek! Their exhaust fans will spare you from smelling like smoke!
(Exhaust fans!)
Service: 5/5 this is the best actually. They will really help you with everything and everyone knows what their restaurant is, and what their restaurant is serving. They are very hands on. Their service is really fast too! I was even surprised that in less than 10 minutes, our marinated sets were delivered to us already! An experience that never happened in other restaurants we’ve tried.