Summer Feels Book Review

If you guys were following me on my instagram account or if you guys liked my page on Facebook, you would know that I received an ebook copy of this book from Romance Class. You would know how excited I am to read it.
Title: Summer Feels; A Romance Class Anthology
Format: Ebook
Author: Romance Class
Pages: 785

Summer loving happens so fast, as you'll find with Summer Feels, an anthology of 23 stories of love under the summer sun by #romanceclass authors. Savor the candied thrill of firsts—first loves, first kisses, first solo vacations—and the bittersweet triumph of second chances. Tour the Philippines as the stories take you to mountain retreats and island paradises. Let the magic of the hot sun, clear blue skies, and lots of love take you on a roller coaster ride of feels. With stories ranging from sweet to sexy, there's sure to be something for any fan of romance.

Summer feels is a collection of stories- love stories- of different authors. I will focus on reviewing this book as a whole and not per story.

Unique Storylines. I mentioned that this book is a collection of different love stories made by independent Filipino writers right? I love how they made each stories unique from one another. Each character on each stories have different stories to tell. It’s like; the book is your one stop book for your entire romantic reads needs.

Get a glimpse of the different scenic locations of the Philippines. Yes! You can do that through this book (through your imagination of course! This is not a graphic book.). I love how they made use of the different places in the Philippines as a setting for their stories. This is what I love when reading books, I get to get a glimpse of other places with the way these authors describe them in their writings.

Relatable experiences. Yup! I can really relate with almost majority of the stories written. Specially their stories about first love. I also get to learn a lot from the characters in the book and will surely apply some of this learning on my life.
Currently my favorite stories are:
-       At the Bermuda Triangle
-       Flying with you
-       Fall for me
I am not yet done reading the whole book since I am reading it per story. I am reading first the stories with eye catching titles that’s why. However, I can already say that I am in love with this book. Though some stories were kind of “bitin” because of course, they are short stories, I can say na I am super in love with this book. This book made me feel like it’s okay to be in love, get hurt and be in love once again.

Cheers to all Filipino writers out there! You guys can really be at par with other international best selling novel writers out there!

As a gift to you, my dear readers, here’s a video of Ms. Elea Andrea Almazora- author of At The Bermuda Triangle, one of my favorite short stories in the book!

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