Tuesday, June 6, 2017

1-2 Combo for Oily Skin!
Here’s a “semi-part two” of my previous Beauty post! Check it out!
So if you are wondering why I said that this post is a “semi- part two”, that is because it is a semi-part two of this post: EtudeHouse: Wonder Pore 10 in 1 Toner Review.

I will share to you guys my secret to a better skin with this 1-2 combination routine.

The first time I came across this brand was when I was looking for the best BB Cream for oily skin. They said that this brand is the best for oily skin- the Garnier BB Cream.

However I don’t think they sell this BB Cream here in the Philippines through a physical store so I somewhat lost hope. But then I saw this scrub- the Garnier Pure Active Acne & Oil Scrub. I thought, why not try this first while while I look for another BB Cream for me? It might help lessen oil and acne breakouts. And it did!

I have been using different products such as Clean & Clear, Loreal, Celestique and even Cetaphil for Oily Skin to no avail. This is the 1st product who did justice on me!

I usually apply this scrub in the morning during my daily shower and at night before I go to sleep. I never go to sleep without clearing my face. I always see to it that I apply the Etude House Wonder Pore Toner after applying the Garnier Scrub.

Garnier + Etude House = Less Oil & Acne Breakouts! 

I noticed a fairer looking skin at the same time; I became less oily than I was before. After application of this scrub, you will feel like your face became lighter and that it is cleaner! This toner does not diminish all those oil okay? It will lessen to a point that you’ll feel like you are not oily at all! It’s the best for me since I don’t feel the sticky feeling on my face specially when I have my make up on. 

I also noticed that my pores reduced its sizes and that I had lesser blackheads. My T-Zone had lesser oil too! Really love these two!

I really believe that this two products are the best combination for your oily skin. It worked for me, I hope that it'll work for you too!

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  1. Great review. It really helps.


  2. I'm not the biggest fan of Garnier skincare - I'd recommend trying The Ordinary.
    Have you tried their products? They have separate ingredients such as retinol and niacinamide which are perfect for oily skin types.

    1. Hi! I haven't tried their products yet. I dont think they sell those in the Philippines. When I go back to Muscat Oman I'll try to look for the one u suggested! thanks Selma!

  3. I've tried Garnier products quite a few times to notice that they're not good to my face or skin :/ Although, loved your post about these, such a great read :)

  4. Thanks for writing about this, i need to try out some new products for akne prone skin, so this sounds great xo


  5. Great presentation! I have a dry skin but i used to wear this BB cream, Miracle skin perfector in the past. It was very good indeed.

  6. Great review! If I had oily skin i'd definitely be trying these out :)

  7. Nice review. I have had problems with Garnier products couple times in past but maybe I could give those one more try.

  8. With the pregnancy hormones i have a bit more oily skin, but usually it's dry. This could come in handy now!

    1. Aw! Congratulations on your pregnancy Sabine!


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