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11:50 PM

You might notice that I haven’t been posting a lot (here in the blog) since… last week? I’ve been busy with some things and I will be sharing that to you.

For now, let me do a 3rd (not sure tho) Sunday Currently post for you to be updated about me too!


Other blog posts by other bloggers because I’ve always been fond of doing that. I really learn a lot from these bloggers and since I am a little bit new to this industry, I really would want to learn more.

Blog posts? Or maybe some publications for my “soon to open” online shop. I hope to cater to the international community as well (hopefully in the future). What I will sell in this online shop will be a surprise! Will post about it soon!
I’ve been listening to Despacito repeatedly since last week. It’s tune is so on point that makes me wanna dance and sing. Though I couldn’t memorize the lyrics because of its Spanish nature, still I love going with its rhythm.

I am on the planning (finishing touches) for my soon to open online shop and I hope I get to be successful in this venture of mine.

Fried Chicken! I’ve been craving for the smell of fried chicken!!!

To get a longer Summer Vacation since our class resumes on the 14th of August? I still want to get a lot of sleeeeeppp~

To be able to save money for the nearing Christmas Vacay in Muscat! Saleee everywhere!

I’ve been fond of wearing denims and olive colored tops these past few weeks and I am not sure as to why? Haha!

Our cute little pupper who’s like the baby-est among our family. He brings joy to all of us even if he is sooooo mischievous!

To get a Canon M3! Period.


More sleep? :D

Anxious. Yes. I am a bit anxious lately since I am opening my online shop and I am hopin for it to be successful too. may the odds be in my favor right?

How about you? How have you been my dear readers?

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