Vivere Salon Glorietta Hair Styling Performed by Senior Hairstylist, Sir Alben

I never thought that I will be able to achieve my dream hair color this perfect through Vivere Salon!
I've been wanting to dye my hair since classes ended. You would know that if you've been reading my blogs before. I even asked the readers for some hair color suggestions that would specifically complement my skin tone.

When I was contacted by Vivere Salon marketing team to do a review about their salon, I thought why not give it a go since I've been planning to color my hair and have my hair treatment anyways. 

After the booking, I immediately opened my pinterest account to look for a good hair color (with highlights since I am seeing a lot of celebrity sporting one) that would compliment asian skin particularly the "morena" (tan) skin tone that I have.

It was easy to see the salon when I went to Glorietta 2. It had a big "Vivere Salon" facade that is really strikingly elegant! This is not your ordinary salon- I thought.
I arrived exactly 1pm since I was booked for that time and their front desk clerk gladly welcomed me and assigned me to a Senior Hair stylist immediately! They escorted me to my seat and asked me for the hair color I want to have.
I asked if it's okay if I will ask him to copy a specific haircolor from a photo that I have and not from their hair color catalogue. He without second thoughts said yes! I asked him to copy this:
He said that this type of hair color will require 3 hair colors plus bleaching for the highlights. He also suggested that we change the base color to something that will suite an asian skin like mine. I said YES since that's what I really wanted. A hair color with highlights that will suit and asian skin! He didn't ask, he knew what I wanted! From there I thought, this hair stylist knows what he is doing!

He asked for his assistant Junior hair stylist Ms. Rose to shampoo and ready my hair for the hair coloring session!
This is my dry "super black" hair before application of anything! (Haircolor/Hair treatment). This is according to Sir Alben, a "Virgin Hair" since it's a natural hair color. My last hair color was like 2-3 years ago hence, everything left is its natural color na.

1st Level: Highlights bleaching

They started by bleaching the should be- highlighted part of my hair. This was the hardest part I think since it took them hours to finish applying bleach since they specifically chose parts where the bleach will be applied. I applaud them for their patience as they were applying this to my hair. I can see how focused they were as they did this. I never once saw them nor heard them talk/gossip with other stylists (like how hair stylist in other salons do whenever they are styling a client). All their eyes and thoughts were on me. On how they will make my hair same as what I wanted it to be.
Here's Mr. Alben and Ms. Rose. See how focused they were? All in game face on! 

I asked Sir Alben few things about himself and I learned that he has been in the hair styling industry for 6 years now and they will soon celebrate his 1st year being a hair stylist in Vivere Salon. I can see how great he is by the number of clients who went that day asking for specifically for his service. He did another highlights and hair cuts that day while he was also doing my hair color. He was multi tasking the whole time and that was really worth mentioning because he did all his styling great even though he's doing mine simultaneously. 

Ms. Rose likewise was in this industry for 6 years now. She has been a Junior Haistylist to different salon like David's Salon. She was assisting Mr. Alben patiently. She also gave me complimentary Iced Tea to drink since the process will take time and I might get parched. 

After hours of applying and bleaching, here's the bleached highlights!
The bleached highlights itself was amazing! I was already satisfied with the highlights and I said to myself what more if my base color is applied already?! How great would it look!? 

Even his colleagues were surprised at how well he did this highlights! One stylist even called him "the best in highlighting" among their team. I will surely second that motion! I will definitely totally agree since I am so happy with the outcome. And this is just the bleach!!!

See what I am talking about? !

2nd step: Ombre tips + base color!

See those blue-ish tips? That's the bleaching formula for the ombre tips since the hair color I wanted has a lighter tips. When he said he'll do "ombre" I became soooo happy! I've been wanting to have an ombre too I just didn't know if it will look good on me!

After the application of this ombre tips, Ms. Rose rinsed my hair, applied condtioner and dried it to prepare it for the last step, the application of my "Ash Brown" base!

Final result?

After the application of the base hair color, hair treatment to make my hair softer, here's how it looks now:

They even curled my hair to make the hair color looked pretty! They said, this is the "Kathryn Bernardo" curls and will definitely look good on my hair color. This is not permanent curls okay? My mom thought this is a permanent one (she worried! haha!).

Even while my hair was being blow dried I kept exclaiming "Wooooww!" "Ang gandaaa!" (wow! it's too pretty!"). I was extremely superbly super satisfied with the service they gave me. Everyone was helping each other. Sir Joel- a junior hair stylist helped a lot too! Shoutout to you Sir Joel!

I will give this salon a 11/10 rating! Yes! They exceeded my expectation! Beyond expectations to be exact! I will surely comeback to this salon even if I live pa sa Cavite!

Before | While | After

Photo with Sir Alben, Senior Hairstylist- Vivere Salon
Sir Alben and I after the service! I would like to thank you so much for the kind of service you've given me! I am beyond satisfied and I am willing to come back again! Thanks for doing a service beyond what's needed! Thank you for the perfect hair color!


Haircolor: 5000-6000 pesos (this kind of tri-color with ombre style hair color)

Treatment: 750- 950 PHP

To know more about their salon you may visit the following: