[VLOG] Bestfriend Does Make Up Tutorial [Tagalog]

We are going to feature items from different brands in this Vlog. 
I was supposed to upload this video 2 weeks ago but since I became very busy with my newly opened online shop Artstruck PH, it's just now that I was able to upload this comedic beauty vlog.

In this video, we featured the following items:


Since I've read that this primer is best for Oily skin, I bought one online through Althea Korea and it was all worth it. This primer is really the best Primer for people with oily skin. I noticed that my makeup lasted longer with the help of this primer. Perf!


I already did a post about how great this Loreal Paris foundation is and I am still living by it. Superb!


I am not really using any eyebrow pencils and the likes since I have a thick-well shaped- eyebrow. But since my friend used this brow pencil in this video, I'll still put it here~

Eye Shadow:

We used my Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette in this video and this is the only eyeshadow palette I have since the colors in this palette are enough for me. Morphe eyeshadow is very pigmented and since I am not using makeup on a daily basis, I though that having one eyeshadow palette is enough. I probably will be able to use this for a year or two.


We used the lash obsessed eyelash mascara by Palladio of my friend and I can say that this mascara is one of the best ones I've seen. Going to by this ASAP!

Translucent Powder:

This is my first translucent powder from Nichido and I bought this last year. Still has a lot inside! Perfect for oily skin and it is very cheap too! This is a drugstore makeup brand.


Was able to get a hand of this Kylie Blush. This was given to me by an online shop in exchange for a shop feature on my blog. I can say that it is really very pigmented and the color matched well with my skin tone!


One of the darker shade that I have, we used this Maybelline Lipstick for the two ladies. I rarely use this shade tho since I tend to look "mataray" whenever I wear it on. haha!

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