Tried a Gel Manicure and it is so Worth its Price!

photo not mine, grabbed from google. :) CTTO

So just a week ago, I did some mini pampering for myself because classes will soon start and I know that I will be very busy to do some pampering when class starts. I initially just wanted to have a foot spa, manicure and pedicure package that costs 500php. But one of their signboard caught my attention: “Manicure Gel”.

The manicurist was about to start our footspa sesh when I asked about what that Gel Manicure is and its difference from the traditional manicure. According to her, Gel manicure lasts the LONGEST and it doesn’t get scratched easily. It can’t be erased by a nail polish remover too! A special remover must be applied and you have to pay for it too if you want your manicure to be erased. It costs 400PHP by the way- the gel manicure only.

I tried it because why not? I only had a Gel manicure because it’s not ideal for me to have a pedicure too since my feet are always covered (sneakerhead.)

I chose the very famous, “Millenial Pink” color.
The process of having a Gel Manicure is a bit long. 3-6 coats? Before it can be considered as done. It is also placed under a UV Machine every after coats… One minute exposure per coating? So yeah. I was about to post a blog about it the day I got the manicure but I decided to re schedule it and see if it really won’t wear off easily.

To my surprised, it didn’t! Even if I did laundries, dishes and other activities that I know would damage a manicure! They are still the same as when I got the manicure done! I love it! It is definitely worth its price!
However, the manicurist informed me that they do not recommend having a Gel manicure in a monthly basis because this may cause damages to your nails or even to your hands. Too much exposure to the UV Lights can be very dangerous.

So yeah, overall experience was great! I am loving my nails right now because they are still manicured perfectly. No scratch or whatsoever, still looked like its newlymanicured (except of course it grew longer now).

How about you? Have you tried this already? How was your experience? Comment down! I would like to hear from you!