COLLEGE: What's in my Backpack?

You guys might be wondering why its just now that I am posting a “What’s in my backpack” post when its already August! Well, our class had this calendar shift since last school year and our 1st semester starts on August and ends in December.
This kind of post is a very “Vlog-able” post but I do not have the luxury of time to shoot and edit one because of a tight sched in school hence a blog post instead.

We will start off with my back pack of course. I have this medium size Anello Rucksack backpack in navy blue. I am really in love with this backpack because of the hard wiring it has whenever I am opening the bag. It is so sleek that the things inside this bag do not go out of place. Its size is perfect for me too; I do not look small whenever I am carrying this bag. Super easy to carry!

Now we go to the things I have inside this backpack.

1. Planner

If you guys have been an avid reader since I started blogging, I am sure you know how I want everything “planned”. I always get schedules mixed up or I tend to forget something if I do not write it down on a planner. This has been my life saver since I entered college. I have this Eskwelahan Planner which I bought last year for 300+ I think. This planner has monthly and weekly agenda pages which is really very helpful as well as some mini quizzes that I usually fill out whenever I feel sleepy in class.

2. Tita Pouch

My friends know that I am a certified Tita of Cavite. I always bring with me a first aid kit with napkins, alcohol, pain relievers, comb, hair cream and oily sheet inside. This is where I put my face powder and lipstick too whenever I feel like having a retouch (but that rarely happens). I am using an Etihad Airways Business Class Hygiene Kit that I got two years ago which is why it looks dilapidated already.

3. Catlea Fillers

In college, having this very thick notebook per subject can be very (how do I say this?) bulky for bags. You would often see college students with super small bags (body bags) with them because we really do not need those thick notebooks like what we have in highshcool. Professors do not require notes in college and sometimes, we write on handouts given to us by profs. Since freshman year, I only have this catlea fillers with me and I rarely finish this thin fillers in a semester too!

PS: I only use this fillers for Minor/non- mathematics or science subjects and pls pardon my handwriting on the washi labels I used for the fillers!

4. Math Notebooks

I always have this grid math notebooks with me because this is very ideal for engineering students like me who always do graphs for math & science subjects like physics, statics, calculus and the likes. I mark each notebooks just so I would not be at a loss as to what subject a certain notebook is for.

5. Pencil Case

I am not really that keen on getting fancy pencil cases so I am still using this pencil case I bought way back freshman year. I always make sure that my bag is organized and I don’t want pens scattered inside my bag. My highlighters, ballpens and sign pens are all inside this old pencil case of mine. May I just say that I am loving this Friction Highlighter Pen which I bought online. It’s super cheap and its super handy too!

6. Wallet, Coin Purse & Scientific Calculator

I always separate the coins-50 peso bill from the 100 peso bills and above. The coins up yo the 50 peso bill goes inside by coin purse while the hundreds and above bills goes to the big wallet where I also have my cards. I only bring a certain amount that I will use for a week. You know… “budgetarian”!

I am also using the Casio Scientific calculator and I always bring it with me because of course, this is the best friend of an engineering student. Lose everything or forget everything but not the scientific calculator.

7. Folder/Envelope

I always have a folder or an envelope for papers like handout, other printed materials and quiz/test results. I do not like these papers to be crumpled that’s why I see to it that they are placed in a folder. I always want my papers as pristine and as organized as possible.

8. Umbrella

In the Philippines, it is a must that you bring an umbrella with you. You have to protect yourself from the sun as well as the rain. The weather iin the Philippines is very unpredictable that’s why even if there’s no weather advisory that it will rain, you still have to bring an umbrella with you.

9. Fan

Yes, I do stay in a dormitory now but whenever I travel back home during weekends, this fan is an essential. My bestfriend whenever I commute from my dorm to our house.

10. USB

I always have a USB with me even if I do not know when I will be needing one. I just want to be prepared so whenever our profs ask us to have a soft copy of something, I will be able to get it ASAP.

11.  Sticky notes

I always bring sticky note packs with me and use it on my planner or notebooks. This helps me remember a lot of things such as important dates, quizzes, or other important terms in class.

As of now, I do not have textbooks yet. Maybe after a week or two? There will be books that I will bring to school na.

How about you? Any back to school essential that you have and I don’t? comment them down!


  1. Where did you get your Ekswelahan Planner? I'm from Cavite too btw.

    1. OMG Really?! We should do a collab soon! :* I bought it from their Facebook page, you may check them here: