MUST HAVE: Design Your Life Planner

Hello Bellas! For today, I will be sharing with you a post that I know will give you an idea as to what planner to get for this brand new year.

For the year 2018, I got myself this Design Your Life Planner in Rose Gold Binding from Fully Booked. I initially ordered online but then the thrifty side of me came up, I decided to cancel the order (shipping fee probs). Good thing that while I was looking for a "Yup! I'm That Girl" of Maine Mendoza in Fully Booked SM Southmall, I was able to see this planner. Without hesitations I bought it!

The planner comes with a ruler and a mini thank you card from DYL. The magnetic bookmarks are not included. I just placed them there because why not? :D I bought these magnetic bookmarks from Stradivarius in Oman. 

These cutie stickers are included to add designs to your -already fully decorated- planner. Aesthetics is life! This planner has a lot to offer you!
  • 12-month weekly planner (jan-dec 2018)
  • dimensions: 6.75" x 7.75" including binding
  • cover: hard cover with matte finish
  • paper type: book 80# (120 gsm)
  • 192 pages
  • monday start
Here are the pages of this planner that I believe you would love!

1. To Do List

I'm not sure if I will be able to use this part of the planner since I usually put my to do list on the weekly planner portion of every planner that I have- even with my previous planner: Eskwelahan Planner.

2. The Last Time

I love how they added a tracker portion of the things that I do (things that I may not frequently do but needs monitoring)

3. Monthly Updates

This one is one of my favorite! At last! A portion where I can list and tick down all appointments I have monthly: Dentist appointment, doctor's appointment, and bills payment! 

4. Weekly & Monthly Planner

Very comic! Look at how artsy they made the weekly planner portion of this planner. Though it looks a bit crowded, the artsy design makes me feel like having a busy week is okay! 

I also love how they did the Monthly Planner portion. The square partitions were made extremely well that I can write on it without making my handwritten font size small. No need to squeeze in the things I have to do because of the perfectly allocated space for me to write on.

5. Cashflow Tracker

Told you! Trackers are life! Though most planners have cashflow trackers, I am loving this kind of tracker because of how they made the breakdown. 

6. Travel Planner 

How cool is this?! This planner has a TRAVEL CHECKLIST as well as a TRAVEL PLANNER portion for your adventures! You get to list down places where to eat, your itinerary and even reminders as to what to bring for your travels! 

7. Project Tracker 

Other planners that I owned did not have the Travel and Project tracker portions which is why I am superbly loving my DYL planner. This project tracker portion will definitely a BIG HELP for me especially now that I have tons of papers (research and company studies) to do. Hopefully, I will be able to utilize this portion of the planner well.

I am really very happy to have this planner. I've been wanting to own a DYL Planner even last year (2017). By the way, this post is NOT A SPONSORED POST. Design Your Life Planner has no idea that I am blogging about their product. I am just very happy and excited to share this planner hoping that I can be of help if ever you are still looking for the right planner. Also, please notice how cute my new blankets are and the cute paw prints in it!

You may contact them through:

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  1. Hi Phoem! Thanks for this post! We were wondering if we can borrow some of your photos and post them on our socials? <3

    1. Hi! Thanks for reaching out! You may post them as long as you will give my site credits for the photos. I can send the pictures to you if you like so its in HD quality.