Our Room Service New Year's Meal!

What a 2017! I definitely had a blast last 2017 but I will make a separate post about how perfect 2017 was for me. For now, I will share to you guys how my family and I celebrated the New Year's eve.

This year's celebration was a bit different. We weren't complete because my brother was in the Philippines while we were in Oman (the normal place where we celebrate New Year). But that did not hinder us from celebrating a fun filled new year's eve.

We checked in at the Holiday Inn - Seeb in Muscat. We normally celebrate new year simultaneously with the Philippines at 8PM (Muscat time)- that is 12AM in the Philippines. We do it that way because why not? My brother and almost all of our close relatives celebrate it that time so why can't we right?

We first ordered a club sandwich as a "miryenda" (afternoon snack) after coming back from shopping at Markhaz Al Bhaja Shopping Center near the hotel.

When dinner came, my dad asked me to order whatever I want. Upon opening the menu, I right away looked at the seafood section of the in-room dining menu and looked for any shrimp delicacy. 

I ordered a Jumbo Shrimp sautéed in garlic served with vegetables and rice. This costs around 11OMR. 1,000-1,300PHP if we will convert the price to peso. 

Mom ordered two servings of this Italian Spaghetti priced at 6 OMR which is approximately around 600-650PHP per serving. This one is super delicious. I am not a fan of Italian style spaghetti but this one suits my fancy. It's neither too sweet nor too sour, it is perfect for someone as choosy as me when it comes to food.

This one I wasn't able to taste. But mom said that this Calamares dish is delicious. This one costs around 4.9 OMR or 490-530 PHP.

Of course my mom will definitely not forget to order her favourite Caesar salad. I am not a fan of eating veggies. I mean, I do eat vegetables but it depends on what the food is. Salad... No... 

This one is my mom's favorite again. Lagi nalang si mama ang may favourite no? But she ordered this one as well. Fish and Chips is always a "must order" dish for my mom. She ordered 2 servings of this. This costs around 6 OMR per serving.

My dad allowed me to taste this Frontera Red Wine because within my 20 years of existence, I haven't tasted wine ever! As usual, I did not like the taste. I am really not a fan of any alcoholic drink even if it just contain 3% alcohol. I've never finished any alcoholic drink ever.

We actually weren't able to finish all of them. We had to bring one serving of spaghetti and the other serving of the fish and chips home. But overall, we loved the taste of everything we ate in Holiday Inn. Superbly enjoyed everything specially the Banana Milk Shake that I ordered (which I forgot to capture).

How about you? How was your New Year's Eve Dinner? Share them below!
With love,