Plans/ Goals for 2018!

This post may look a bit weird but hey! It's better late than never right?

I am turning 21 this year and I am planning to do a lot more interesting and adventurous things. This was supposed to be a "Things I Want to Do Before Turning 21" post but I only have 5 months left before turning 21 and I don't think I will be able to finish the list before May. 

My daily routine has always been home- school- home. I do hang out with my friends from time to time- that's if my friends are not busy with work or school. That was last year. I am planning to have a more adventurous routine this year. I have to try something new! I will stop with the intro now. Here are my plans for 2018:

1. Be healthier

I am underweight. I am usually experiencing hyperacidity. I usually forget to eat on time especially when school works pile up. I am hoping for a 47-50 KG weight for this year. My friends suggested that I go to the gym so I get to have exercise but I don't think I'll have extra time for some Gym sesh. Anyone can recommend a nutritionist to me? Comment down below so I can contact them!

2. Better Time Management

I am known to have good time management skills but that's not the case this semester. My schedule was all over the place this semester. My school works pile up and I sometimes say that I do not have time for other things- even to breathe. I've recently bought a planner from Fully Booked and downloaded some weekly planner and school planner from Pinterest. I will do a separate "Planning" post for you guys so stay tuned for that!

3. Have a Part-Time Job

This may sound weird and your brows might rise up after reading this but yes, I am planning to have a part-time job even while in class for this semester. I have yet to test if this semester will be an extremely busy one for me. However, I am determined to fulfill it if not this sem, during the summer vacation. 

4. Finish an Online Class

Yes! I also plan to finish an online class this year. About what it is will be a secret for now but once I've passed the test, I will share it with you guys soon! Yes. I enrolled myself in an online course from a school based in Boston. Please pray for my success in this class!

5. Be More Active in Blogging

When I first started blogging last year, I promised my readers that I will post weekly blog updates. Once every month but that did not materialize. This year, I am planning to post- still once every week and I hope this time, it will materialize. I also plan on joining more blogging events since I do not get to join one last year. I am also planning to have a blog series I just have to have more inspiration/ideas as to what series I will do. Any ideas guys?

SHAMELESS PLUG: I was nominated for a Lifestyle Blog Award by PromoCode PH. I am hoping that you guys can spare some of your time and VOTE  for me. 

6. Revamp my Room

I do not plan to stay in a dorm after this semester so I am going to revamp my room. Like a total make-over. Will change my bed, paint and other furniture. I will make it more aesthetically pleasing so I get to sleep in a more relaxing room. My room is a mess right now since I usually spend more days in the dorm.

7. Learn to Meditate

Recently, I've been watching vlogs about self-improvement and almost all of the youtubers that I've been watching are suggesting Meditation. This one is the most difficult one because I am a person who is not good in concentration. But why not right? This might help me reduce stress, improve focus and make my body better!

8. Take it Easy in School

I have been the "workaholic" type in school. Taking it easy in school does not mean that I will not mind having failing grades. No. I will just focus on my health and myself for now. Just like what my parents would say, "Grades are just number. Your health matters more". I shall do what they say. I will still do good in school, I will do it in a way that I do not forsake my health and my self. This is why I have been planning to do more activities towards self-improvement for this year.

I just hope I get to fulfill these plans by the end of 2018! I will definitely keep you guys posted!


  1. Meditation, time management and active blogging is part of my goals too!! And I sure need the planning post <3

    1. Yasss! I will share some meditation apps that I use so you can fulfill that goal too!

  2. These are wonderful goals, I wish you all the best for 2018 & good luck to achieving everything you want to achieve. I’ve learned that time management is crucial, especially when being a mum. I’ve kind of managed to master that skill in some weird way to handle being a mum and a blogger on the side of it. You got this!

    1. Ohmy! D's mommy! I really salute you! You manage your time very efficiently that makes me jealous. hehe! Thank you so much! Send my love to D!

  3. These are all wonderful aspirations for 2018! Sending you positive vibes for carrying out all you dream. You got this!

    1. Thank you so much! May you have a wonderful new year ahead!

  4. Those are some great goals. You have so many different areas of your life covered with them which is so sensible and thought out. I have also voted for you!

    1. Oh my! Thank you so much for voting! I really appreciate it! May you have more blessings to come this year! :*

  5. I like the goals you've set for yourself...I'll just say break them into smaller bits with timelines. I love that there's time management in there too...Happy 2018 Dear

  6. Lovely goals! You seem to be very busy moving forward and improving your knowledge at the moment. All that school, job, maybe gym, blogging and other things sounds much. I'm facing same kind of situation at the moment and I can tell you it's extremely important to take care of yourself! When you're busy been sick for a weeks might turn into a bit chaos (at least in my life), so try to sleep well, eat enough and maybe take some time to just relax. Good luck with everything! :)

    Nora /