Cebu 2k18 Trip 1: The City Tour

Just like what I mentioned in my previous post: College Break: What I'm Up To, my friends and I recently visited the Queen City of the South: Cebu City!

Yes! Last May 29-June3, 2018 my sisters and I had our yearly get- together and as usual, we toured around a province in the Philippines. We already conquered Bacolod, Ilo-ilo, Guimaras, (2015) and Boracay (2016). 2017 has been a busy year for us so we didn't meet that year. We made this year big hence Cebu became the top choice for us to visit. 

We were very hands-on in the planning of this 1-week trip. We were the one who planned for the itinerary. We did not avail of any traveling packages from any agencies except for the Oslob Tour because the itineraries planned by travel agencies cost a lot. However, this one changed after arriving at the airport.

You guys might wonder where we stayed in Cebu. We booked a condo unit from Air BNB- La Guardia Tower 1 at Lahug, Cebu City. This one is just a walk away from the IT-Park and very near Ayala Mall. 

Upon our arrival at Mactan International Airport, we traveled first to Ayala Mall to have our lunch since we are hours early from the check-in time. There we met Kuya Zin, our first Grab Driver. He knew that we are tourists- prolly because of how amazed we are whenever we see a scenic spot along our way. He asked if we availed of tour packages already and of course, we answered "Wala pa po eh. Sariling sikap nalang po kami sa tour". Before reaching Ayala Mall- which is like 45 minutes away from the airport- he asked us if its alright if he'll give us a package for a City Tour. We were hesitant at first but we said yes. 

While we were having our lunch, Kuya Zin texted Vivienne and presented his quotation. We were all appalled with his package. This was his City Tour Package:

1. Sirao Garden
2. TOPS View
3. Cebu Taoist Temple
4. Temple of Leah
5. Fort San Pedro
6. Cebu Heritage Park
7. Yap-San Diego Ancestral House
8. Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño
9. Magellan's Cross
10. 10, 000 Roses

PHP 3, 500 ONLY
(Exclusive of Entrance Fee)
Pick up point and Drop off point: Our condo

What more can we ask for?! Of course, we booked for his package! Traveling from Lahug to Sirao Garden via Grab costs 600PHP already if we will not get this package. PHP 3, 500 is a bang for the buck!

He did not fail us. Pick up time is at 1, he arrived there an hour early and we even saw him eat at the place where we had our lunch. Oh and by the way, we were lucky enough to have our condo near a place famous for making the best Pochero. They were even featured at Jessica Soho according to a Grab Driver (not Kuya Zin tho).

Gate 5 Pochero Haus

This pochero is to die for! Though it tastes very similar to Bulalo, the taste of the beef and its texture and softness is the bomb. For only 60 pesos, this Pochero will definitely make your stomach full. Super tasty!

Sirao Garden (PHP 50)

Sirao Garden- known as the Little Amsterdam- is known for its colorful flowers and scenic view. The flowers made the place very colorful and we all loved how they planted sunflowers. There were carabaos too. What we loved about availing Kuya Zin's services is that we did not only have a driver, we also had a tourist guide as well as a photographer!

This place is perfect for Pre-Debut, Pre- Nuptial photos or just any other photoshoot. There are too many spots where you can strike a pose!

See what I mean? This is Johanna- she just finished her Bachelor's Degree in Biology! What a view right?

These are my friends who are very busy with capturing the beauty of the place!

Bottom view from the Garden

Top view from the Garden

Best view in the Garden

Just kidding! haha!

This is us captured by the ever hospitable Kuya Zin

We had so much fun in this garden! We spent most of our time here too. View like no other! 

TOPS View (PHP 100)

What we did in this place was to only look at the view of the majority of Cebu City (I think). The entrance fee was a bit pricey considering the fact that you will only do one thing here, look at the view. Though the view is really breathtaking!

That's what I'm saying! Look at our background. That is a legit view of Cebu!

Temple of Leah (PHP 50)

Our next stop is the ever famous Temple of Leah. This temple served as a symbol of the undying love of Mr. Tenodorico Adarna to his loving wife Leah Albino- Adarna. (Grandparents of actress Ellen Adarna). Unfortunately, the temple is undergoing construction during our trip, hence we were not able to really tour around the inside of the temple.

Good thing we saw this lurking doggo around the temple. He looked like a  mix breed of Shiba Inu and Spitz for me.

Cebu Taoist Temple

I wasn't able to take lots of photos of the temple because we weren't really allowed to do so. We do not want to disrupt the solemnity in the temple too. We were able to have our "me" time in this temple and have our wishes made in the wishing wells in there. Super worth it!

Fort San Pedro

Now we went to the historical places. This one was our first stop- Fort San Pedro. I love history that's why I was looking forward to this tour. We were able to see the very first Spanish Flag brought during the Battle of Mactan.

Cebu Heritage Park

Cebu Heritage Park shows the different events Cebu has been famous for. Figures of the Battle of Mactan as well as a monument of Lapu-Lapu are some of the examples. What we loved about our experience here is that the park's care taker (we forgot to ask for his name huhu) directed and photographed us. He even shared information about the different figures present in the area.

More photos will be uploaded in my Facebook Page so you guys will be able to see the different figures present in this heritage park.

Yap- San Diego Ancestral House (PHP 50)

Upon going inside, you guys will be welcomed by a beautiful lady wearing a traditional Filipiniana gown. You will pay PHP 50 to her and you will be assisted by a tour guide once paid. What we loved about our tour guide is that they know how to capture great photos despite the lack of lighting inside the house. According to our guide, this house is one of the oldest house build in Cebu. Majority of the items inside are old too. Though the house has been modified already, there are some parts of the house that were left untouched. 

Here we are in our natural habitat- the dining area. Just kidding! The utensils present and cups that we're holding are years and years older than our grand parents! 

I forgot what this chair is called but this chair was specifically used by the ladies while delivering babies. Their legs are placed on top of the elongated armrest.

This area served as their backyard. Fresh air comes in this area perfect for family gathering/bonding during the olden times.

Basilica Menore del Sto. Niño

Magellan's Cross

Do I even need to explain the significance of this Cross for the Filipinos- especially the Cebuanos? I was really looking forward in seeing this one. Though the cross in this picture is not the original cross anymore because the original one, I don't care. What matters most is that I get to see this very historical site during this visit.

10, 000 Roses

The location of 10,000 Roses was really very far. We were all too hungry upon reaching the place. We even had our names listed on the very long line of diners who will eat at the Lantaw Floating Restaurant located just beside the 10,000 Roses. However we were 12th in line. We don't want that. Honest review of the 10,000 Roses? Well the view is really nice specially at night since all of the roses wer lit up. However I wasn't that amazed. I was hoping for plentier roses. It may look plenty in the photo but once you're there, you will know what I'm saying. But photography sessions in this place is good too! I just don't know how to take photos during the night time YET so we weren't able to have great photos taken here.

House of Lechon

A trip to Cebu without tasting Cebu Lechon is a NULL Trip. It's like missing the climax of a blockbuster movie. Since we did not eat at Lantaw Floating Restaurant, we asked kuya Zin to bring us to the BEST Cebu Lechon restaurant in Cebu so he brought us to The House of Lechon! He did not fail us. Indeed Lechon Car Car tastes soo damn good! No need for sauce! Plus! Their sauce is a bit different than the normal lechon sauce given in Luzon. The sauce they gave us looked and tasted like Patis for some reason. 

This was just our first trip day in Cebu! We experienced a lot already! We are really very thankful that we were able to meet Kuya Zin whose tour packages are affordable! 

You guys may contact and avail of kuya Zin's services through his Facebook Page: