College Break: What I'm Up to

So it's our school break! Classes finally ended 2 weeks ago and I finally had time to rest and to actually have time for myself! Evidently, I am now able to write an article for you guys!

This school year has been the toughest year for me- I think. As what I mentioned on my last post: 21 Things I Learned Before Turning 21, this year is the most stressful one yet. But then let's not focus on how stressful that school year was and let us enjoy the current school break!

A week after our school break, my bestfriends-slash-sisters- and I planned to go on a trip to Cebu! Yup! You read that right, we went to Cebu! Will definitely do another post about the trip once I collected all photos we had during the trip. We stayed in Cebu for almost 1 week. Destressing was definitely done!

I also did a blog revamp as you guys may have noticed. I changed my blog's theme to a new one since I will start to focus on blogging more. Apologies if I am not able to do articles during the past few months.

I am also on a watching spree. I am catching up on Korean Dramas that I missed during the last 6 months of the past semester. I just finished watching Go Back Couple as well as I am Not a Robot and am currently downloading Laughter in Waikiki.

We are also preparing to transfer to a new house this month (June-July). This is why I am not yet pushing through with the series that I was planning since last December. Hopefully once we get settled in our new home, I will be able to start and push through with the series that I'm telling you guys.

I am also focusing on my wellness this college break. I am trying to gain weight right now and improve on my self care. I've been downloading mobile applications for self care, once I tested them out and sees that they are really helpful, will share them with you guys too! I got you fam!

So that's it for now... I will be updating you guys sooner!