CEBU TRIP: Klooked Our Way to OSLOB & Tumalog Falls

The part 2 of my Cebu Trip Series is here! If you guys were able to read the first part which is Cebu 2k18 Trip #: City Tour, you guys would know that we didn't really had our trip planned by a travel agency. Its all "us"! However, this Oslob trip may be a bit different. We KLOOKED our way to Oslob!

Oslob, Cebu is very famous to tourists because of their very famous Oslob Whale Shark Viewing Facility. We tried to have this itinerary planned by a travel agency but it costs a lot. PHP 3, 000 each for 4 persons. Which totals to PHP 12, 000. Good thing we were able to discover this app. KLOOK APP for Travelers.

So what Klook does is just like a travel agency. You search for an itinerary that you want, type in the number of people included in the trip, choose if you want to go privately via sedan or join a group via van. If you choose a private trip (just like ours) you get to be picked up from your condo/hotel and dropped to your condo/hotel as well. However, you will have to have the car filled up with gas (full tank) after the trip. Choosing a group tour is cheaper but pick up and drop off location will be chosen by Klook. 

Through Klook, we were able to save a lot. 2,900 for the trip (driver, hotel pickup & drop off), PHP 2, 000 for snorkeling gear for 4 people (500 x 4 person) for a total of 4, 900 PHP. SEE THE SAVINGS! Though we had the car filled with a full tank gas which costs around PHP 1, 500. Still is a win-win trip for us.

The driver came in on time. Forgot his name but he was really very entertaining. He even asked us if we want to have our breakfast first since he picked us up at exactly 5am. He also gave us brief information about the cities we went through along the way.

On our arrival, we were told to attend a 5-minute seminar regarding the Do's and Don'ts while viewing the whale shark. Oh, and may I just remind you guys that you are not allowed to apply sunblock for the whale shark's safety. An action cam/ underwater camera is available too for rent that is priced at PHP 500. File transfer is done right after the swimming with the whale shark experience.

They were really very organized. There were a lot of people when we visited on May 30, 2018, but they were able to accommodate us in a very orderly way. We gave the action cam that we rented to the boatman and they were able to capture our experience perfectly.

This is me and Jennifer and behind us is a whale shark. A no-brainer statement but yeah. Seeing the whale shark up close, swimming with them... it's a bit overwhelming and scary but its super fun! We are actually not allowed to go near them (4-m distance is a must) but the whale sharks keep on coming close to us. I was even hit on the sides by their sides and tails. 

Did you know that the spots on a whale shark are unique from each other? One spot is different from the other similar to a human's fingerprint? Amazing nature!

One of the many whale sharks swimming in Oslob. They are being fed by a boatman while we were there. That is probably why they keep on coming back in the area.

After 30 minutes (the whole swimming with the whale shark experience only lasts for 30 minutes) we came back to the seashore and had our photos transferred to Viv's mobile device. After this, we went straight to one of the famous falls in Oslob, the Tumalog Falls

Our driver drove us to the habal habal area since only through habal habal (or walking for 15 minutes) will we be able to reach the falls. We chose habal habal since it only costs PHP 50 back and forth. The falls is very beautiful. No words can express how amazed we were when we reached the place. Actually, along our way (via habal habal) I was already very amazed at the view of the falls from afar. 

Thanks, Johanna for capturing this. One problem we encountered was that the water coming from the falls is too cold. Freezing point for me to be exact. We only stayed there for few minutes (just so we could take photos) and then we went back already because if not, I'm sure that I'll get a fever the same day.

Before going back to the agency's restaurant to take a bath and have lunch, our driver asked us if we want to take a photo with this beautiful view. Of course, we said yes! We did our trademark back poses!

Our whole travel experience was A- Okay! We came home at around 3-4PM. Everything was very hassle-free and I am thankful that we were able to discover this app. Download it too and use it on your next travel!

This is not a sponsored post guys.