Minimalism Series: Introduction

Hey guys! So this is the series that I have been wanting to do since April this year. However, due to a very busy class schedule and recent travels, I could not find time to actually start writing. Since this month and the coming months will not be as busy as how it was before, I know that I will be able to pull this series through!

So what is this series all about? Basically, this series will tackle my MINIMALISM JOURNEY. In this series, I will share with you guys my journey as I go through a change of lifestyle. I will share to you how on my own little ways I started doing minimalist acts as well as how I am slowly learning to apply this lifestyle big time. I am still at the beginning phase and I wanted to share everything.

But first, what is MINIMALISM?

For me, Minimalism is a lifestyle. It is not a "design". It is basically living only with the things that you will need. It is a freedom from duplicity and a lifestyle of simplicity. Minimalism is not only external but internal as well. Through the process of adapting to a minimalist lifestyle, we will be able to leave emotions/things that we don't really need like negativity and toxicity. Perfect lifestyle change for a person like me who aims for a self- revamping.

Why do I want to adapt to such way of life?

External: I own a lot of things and believe it or not, I sometimes get too overwhelmed with them. Whenever my mom tells me that she will go to my room to get something I would usually tell her "Sige. Pero make sure na makakaalis ka pa jan sa dami ng kalat ko." ("Sure! Just make sure that you'll be able to go out of my room because of the mess I made there"). I get irritated seeing too many things in my room that makes it look even smaller. I also tend to misplace things, forget that I own a certain thing and the likes because of the things I own- and they are a lot!

Through this lifestyle, I am hoping to really push myself to declutter and put away all the things that I won't need. I want to make myself better by owning only the things I need (financially and personally, this lifestyle will be very beneficial for me)

Internal: "It is marked by clarity, purpose, and intentionality. At its core, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It is a life that forces intentionality. And as a result, it forces improvements in almost all aspects of your life." - Becoming Minimalist

Our drive, consistency, and heart will be tested through this lifestyle, especially the lifestyle change that would occur as we convert ourselves into this lifestyle. I do believe that once we see the results of this way of living in our life, we will definitely feel fulfilled and proud. Minimalism would also help us to get away with the stresses in our lives, thinking less of the things that we don't really need!

Who can do this?

I do believe that everyone can do this and it will be better to start as early as possible. Though it will be very difficult to start- trust me it is extremely difficult. Not everyone welcomes this lifestyle, some would even ridicule but then as long as it's for self-betterment, those ridicules won't matter. 

Where did I get this idea from?

Youtube. As always I get ideas from other bloggers and I saw this one minimalist who really inspired me to become a minimalist. At first I was hesitant to do a blog about it but then I realized, why not blog it since its my experience as well! I got the idea from Ms. Racel Aust and here's a sample video of her series

Is this achievable?

I don't want to give my personal answer YET! That is because I am just starting. I am still on the very first phase of my lifestyle change. However, SO FAR SO GOOD. I have been affected possitively by this way of life. My room started to look cleaner, my cabinet looked more organized and I know and started to remember where I keep my things because I became more organized than before. I started doing small changes in lifestyle when our classes ended last May. I started with my room and I will do a separate post about it soon!

So yeah that's all about this series. Basically, I will do a series about adapting to a lifestyle of MINIMALISM. Living a life with only the things that I will need may it be externally of internally. I am not 100% sure if I will be able to adapt to it as soon as possible but I am 100% determined to do it. I will surely not fail myself this time. This is for the betterment of myself- that is for sure.

Oh and I am not forcing you guys to be like this too. To have a drastic/immediate change in lifestyle- no. I am just sharing with you how I want to apply this to myself since I want a better version of myself this year. 

Living a simpler way. Living a minimalist way.


  1. Ah I’d love being minimalist but with a toddler it’s purely impossible. Or is it, after all🤔 haha, perhaps I should give it a go!

  2. i read your other post too and now this one has given me even more reason to follow this lifestyle myself, surely working towards it

  3. I enjoyed this post, so thanks for writing. I'v never really been one to buy things that I want more things that I actually need.