Minimalism Series: Things to get Rid Off

Just like what I told you guys, I am very determined to turn myself into a minimalist! This time I will share with you the things that I will get RID OFF in this whole minimalism process.

I am planning to start big time around September once everything has been settled (you will know soon what I mean by "settled"). Anyways, in this whole process I am planning to get rid off a lot of things! A LOT! Stay tuned for an Online Sale of my pre loved stuff too because I will definitely sell a lot as well!

I'll not keep you guys waiting, let's go to the main point of this post.

Just a short back story, a friend of mine introduced me to an organizing/tidying up method after reading may previous blog post. (S/O to Vivienne!) She introduced me to the KonMari Method by Marie Kondo, the tidiest person alive- I guess. I fell inlove with the method as soon as I browsed and watched videos about it. 

I also bought an E-book of her blockbuster novels: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up and Spark Joy. So now, I am planning to tidy everything up by category which I will do in separate posts soon.

1. Unused Clothes

I have a lot of clothes that is for sure. No matter how many times I sell or give my clothes to friends/family members, I end up still having a lot. I also find it so difficult to say goodbye to my clothes. A weakness maybe? But I will definitely do a KonMari method in tidying up my closet- reducing my clothes to the minimum as possible.

2. Worn Out Bags & Shoes

Just like clothes, I have a lot of bags and shoes. Prolly all girls can relate to this. I also find it difficult to give up my bags and shoes because... just because. 

3. Old School Materials

I do not really throw out school files (old quizzes, exams, projects). But then I realized, I never really had the opportunity to use them again after a school year has ended (exept for research materials though) so I will definitely throw everything exept for the researches and theses I made.

4. Expired/unused Make Up 

I started to avoid applying make up since last year. I don't know, I just stopped, all of a sudden. I only apply them for special occasion (school gathering, social gathering, and photoshoots). I probably have a lot of expired cosmetics already so its time. Goodbye Felicia!

5. Stationery I never really used

I am a stationery hoarder. I can stay in a stationery shop for an hour or two without getting bored and buy as much as my budget can. But there are some stationery that I bought just because they are cute and not because I need them, they end up being STATIONARY in my drawer.

I still have A LOT of things in mind I just don't know how to categorize them. Things such as those that I never knew existed- yup! I have a lot of those. We'll see once I start doing a Kon Mari clean up.

Marie Kondo suggested to do Tidying up in one go and make the Tidying up a special occasion. I am still looking for the time/day when I can set this special occasion up. I will let you guys know as soon as I can!

Stay Tuned!