What's in my Bag 2019

Hey there Bellas! 

So last year, I had the chance to have a 3-month internship at a multinational sustainable energy company based in Denmark. I worked there as a Database Administrator Intern.
Work was fun in that company. There was a work and life balance was there and everyone is really very friendly. They do not discriminate and even if I was an intern, I was treated like a regular employee. What I love about this company is that they are output based so as long as you get the job done, they are good!

Moving on, I just want to share to you what I bring to the office every day for work. At the first photo, you guys will see the following.

🌂 An umbrella for both the sunny and rainy skies in the Philippines. Definitely, a must have since the weather here is unpredictable. 

🍴 sustainable straws which I got from @sipsteelstraws. As you can see its bag is a bit dirty already because of how often I use it. 

✍🏻 You can also see my very minimalist pencil case, pen, and highlighter from Muji. I super love their pens because I feel like it is very ergonomic? And also, their highlighters are the bomb! You get to literally see the words you are highlighting, therefore, you don't go beyond what you want to highlight.

🍂 Fan. I always have this in case I ride jeepneys going to work if there are no Airconditioned van present.

In the next photo, you will see my hygiene kit where I put things for hygiene of course! (Toothbrush, wipes, etc) I will share to you guys what I have inside soon! 

Next, I have my keys! Keychain from a booth at the Alabang Town Center called Passion & Grace. I had it personalized with my name!

Also, you will see my wallet. There’s actually not a lot inside that wallet so let’s skip it! 

All of these things are placed inside either of these two bags! My @herschelsupply backpack which I use on Mondays and Fridays when I bring home some work and my @michaelkors bag during Tuesday-Thursday.

I actually forgot to include my thermos type water jug but I always bring it with me too so I get to cut off expenses for drinks! 

Any suggestions as to what to bring to work? Comment them down!

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